Saturday, March 14, 2009

"It's never my fault" So they think

He was very angry when he called today. "Your no Pastor" he screamed. "How could you throw me out?" he continued.

He's been behind on his rent since June and it came time for him to have to leave. He could not get caught up or at least would not get caught up. The company on many times gave him work but he wouldn't or couldn't complete it. After a meeting this week the company made a decision that offered him one last chance to pay his rent and pay a little on the back balance. He had to pay his rent on time and not be late or ignore the payment altogether anymore.

That didn't happen so now he has to leave.

Cowardly? Greedy? Un-Christian like? The answer is no.

We as Christians are called to help our brothers and sisters in need. Help them not hold them. Give them a hand up not a hand out.

Only when we all take responsibility for our actions can we be certain to be walking in Spirit and in truth.

Does it bother me? Yes. I never like having anyone leave. Thats the worst part of Investment Realty.

Another' ah make that 13 Bite the Dust

I was surprised to learn today that Big Brother shut down thirteen more banks since the begining of the New Year.

Actually, I am being coy because I am not at all surprised. For all the money they are pumping into the stock markets and banks the government sure can't seem to get it right.

I for one am sick and tired of my future hard earned money being spent now on a bunch of imbeciles that can't seem to get business right, except for their large six and seven figure salaries pilfered from their companies before they collapse.

Who's helping Joe the plumber or the family next door? So much for "the change we so desperately needed."

I am not an economist but I have made some pretty savvy business decisions in my 39 years on earth and I can tell you that all the money in the world is not going to stop this financial tsunami.

You see the United States of America, which I am proud to be a part of [always] and love dearly has allowed the liberal left thinking theologians to hijack this country and break every commandment and law given by God. All 676 of them found in the Old Testament.

Like Israel in the Old Testament Times, this country has allowed false gods into the forefront.

God told us in Exodus 20:2-3 " I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before me." Contrary to many peoples belief this is not a diversified country. This is a country with one God, that is the Judea/Christian God. Not the god of Islam, Hindu or Buddhists.

Murder [abortion] has been legalized, adultery has been rationalized, gay marriage is legalized and so on and so on.

I sincerely believe the protective hand of God is off of this country and unless we fall flat on our face and seek Him and repent it will only get worse.

Let me very clear though. God loves the homosexual but hates homosexuality, God loves the adulterer but hates adultery, God loves the murderer but hates murder.

Only when everyone wakes up, repents and seeks the forgiveness of God will this financial crisis pass.

Until then, I have but one question to those of you who handed the U.S. over to Barrack Obama: What exactly were you thinking?

Commercialized Welfare - Stand in Line

Welfare has become commercialized and I am growing tired of it. I am fed up with the greed that has surrounded this country. The financial crisis is growing and my hard earned tax dollars are feeding the frenzy.To date big companies like AIG and those found on Wall Street have leached off "We the People." The first payout to AIG revealed a lavish weekend getaway for all the executives that brought the company on the brink of financial destruction. Their thank you I guess.

The second payout revealed the same group had a lavish $385,000 weekend conference.

Wall Street has cried out for money, more money; to the tune of $700 billion dollars. They must be bailed out we were told by all the bureaucrats. But wait. Now it has been reported that Wall Street Giants like Goldman Sachs have set aside 6.8 billion dollars and Morgan Stanley $6.4 billion dollars for year end bonus's.

Now the big three auto makers have their hands out. Pay up or else the sky will fall. I am sure their executives have fat cat bonus's as well.

American Express needs cash. Everywhere you turn everyone needs cash.You can thank the fat cat executives and unions for this mess. What about "We the People?" How about "The Joe the Plumbers" of the world that can't pay their mortgages, or those that lay awake at night because they can't buy food, gas or oil for their house?

My take is let them all fall and fail. None of them are worth the paper their written on and their greed has brought them to this place. Those of us that work hard, pay our taxes and serve God should not have to bear their sins.

I hope you will join me and demand a meeting with all the elected leaders that are giving away our tax dollars and require an explanation of their stupidity. Guess I'll just have to stand in line.

Who will care to join me?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Million Hopes

A 28 year old U.S. - Iranian student with dual citizenship was arrested in Tehran where she has been held since mid October.Esha Momeni, a graduate student at Northridge campus of California State University, was arrested on October 15, 2008; according to her lawyer Mohammad Ali Dadkhah. Her crime: "an offense against (national) security". She has both Us and Iranian citizenship.

It seems Esha has been involved with One Million Signatures Campaign, which is fighting for equal womens rights in Tehran.

In Tehran, the laws for woman are so one sided and unfair that their basic rights and freedom are challenged and suppressed. The One Million Campaign was started over two years ago to call for changes to these laws.

The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has launched a crackdown on this campaign and has arrested people participating in it on similar charges.

Friends of Esha have had no contact with her and fear for her safety. She has been held in the notorious Iranian Evin Prison in section 209, a section known for torture.

She was stopped on October 15, 2008, two days before her planned return home to the States, while driving on the Mordarres highway. She was speaking with Parvin Ardalin, founder of the One Million Campaign, and Ms. Ardalin reports Esha was clearly worried about being pulled over.

Her items have been confiscated along with her phone. She was allowed one phone call to her father. He reported she sounded scared.

The US has not been able to intervene because Tehran does not recognize dual citizenship. They have called this an internal matter. Esha can be confident and comforted with the words in Psalm 9:9 "The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, A refuge in times of trouble." [NKJV] As we extend our prayers for Esha, she may be sure that God will not only judge the evil opressors she is now facing, but He will give her His protection now as she remains in their custody.

Plight of a High Profile Attorney

The week of July 24, 2008, reported that New York City lawyer Thomas Mullaney is suing Delta Airlines Inc. for $5 million. His claim is that Delta was incompetent and was uninterested in his plight, which left him stranded in Paris for four days last October.His "plight" was an airport workers' strike, obviously something Delta Airlines had no control over.According to the published report, Mullaney maintains "Delta refused to let passengers rebook flights by telephone for "unfathomable" reasons and insisted they go to the chaotic airport and rebook there." [bold and italic text taken from report]Ultimately, Mullaney, an obviously wiser and much more learned person than those capitalists at Delta Airlines says he paid $5,000 for two round-trip tickets on American Airlines to return home and Delta refused to reimburse him for the unused portion.

Mullaney's lawsuit that he filed Wednesday in Manhattan, says he believes Delta stranded and failed to reimburse thousands of passengers. He is seeking class action status.According to his website, Mr. Mullaney graduated from Tufts University with a B.A. in 1991 and Boston Law School with a Juris Doctorate in 1996. Mr. Mullaney's website further explains that he has "formerly practiced as a litigator at White & Case LLP. a venerable New York City-based international law firm that served many of the world's largest corporations in highly complex cases, handling disputes concerning domestic and cross-border business transactions, securities matters, intellectual property rights, and white-collar criminal defense."One may assume, based on that statement, that Mr. Mullaney obviously has had great and in depth experience with such complex issues as this and now seeks an opportunity to make an example of Delta for its refusal to satisfy his request that he be allowed to rebook over the phone.

The Apostle Paul speaks of Lawsuits among believers in 1 Corinthians 6. He explains in 1 Corinthians 6:7 [NIV]that "The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already." He continues in the verse to ask "Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated?" Defeated is the past tense of "defeat", which means according to The Consolidated-Webster Comprehensive Encyclopedic Dictionary "loss of battle" . When one is the party that experiences the "loss of battle", that individual is inevitably, according to the Apostle Paul, by virtue of the fact that one even files a lawsuit rather than be wronged or cheated, is consequently a LOSER.

Only when our elected officials finally take frivolous claims serious enough to require Plaintiff's that invent such frivolous claims to protect the Defendant of these claims from having to outlay enormous amounts of legal fees to defend themselves, will all consumers benefit from the inevitable passing on of said legal fees and costs associated therein. In sum, even when a loser wins, we all lose.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Ignorance of a Dilema

Now that Gay Marriage is official and legal in California, state prison officials face a perplexing situation. They must now try to figure out what to do with their gay inmates.

Although no prisoners so far have aggressively desired to arrange marriage with their gay partners, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation lawyers are drafting guidelines to bring the state's 33 adult prisons into compliance with the court's ruling that same sex couples must be treated the same as heterosexual couples under the California Constitution just in case.What they have determined is that the gay prisoners may marry someone outside of the correction system, but not a fellow prisoner. The rational: They need to give gay prisoners the same opportunity of rules that apply to the straight ones. Apparently prisoners have the right to marry when incarcerated.According to a recent article, spokeswoman for The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Michele Kane said "They will have the same marriage rights as other inmates - they will be able to marry non - inmates, but be barred from marrying other inmates in prison." Apparently the Department of Corrections is concerned that a stronger gay prisoner might find out that a weaker gay prisoner has money or other assets and will coerce the latter prisoner into marriage in order to claim half of their assets.I for one find that line of thinking a fine example of bureaucratic stupidity.

With all due respect Ms. Kane, under California Law, a prisoner with substantial assets must forfeit their assets to the State of California in order to allow the state the opportunity to recoup their cost of incarcerating and caring for the prisoner. All of this nonsense is the consequence of California becoming the first state to allow conjugal visits and overnight stays for inmates with same sex partners in the civilian population.

The practice of California is disturbing on at least two points.

The first and primary job of incarceration is to separate a person from the life in society and restrict their activity giving them time to improve and correct the behavior that brought them to incarceration in the first place. Allowing inmates to have conjugal visits and overnight stays is hardly a separation and restriction that would support or aid improvement and correction of behavior.

The second point being state endorsement of sinful behavior is appalling.

No one has yet to step to the plate and warn the Godless state of California of the unintended consequences of practicing ungodliness to a degree that outright thumbs their nose at the face of God.I for one shall obliged.

If there is any greater example of consequences that follow ungodly behavior receiving the wrath of God, one only has to look south to the little island of Haiti. It seems the hand of God has fallen upon that desolate and corrupt place and those that have practiced a lifestyle and worship contrary to God are now feeling His wrath.Having personally delivered over 30,000 pounds of food to the Haitians in April 2008 only to have it stolen by a local set of wolves in sheep's skin calling themselves "Pastors"; I can tell you first hand they are reaping what they have sown for years.As for our fellow Americans on the left coast: So much for vacations in the Golden State.

The Left goes Right for a Moment

It seems that the left coast state of California went least for a moment.

On Tuesday, November 4, 2008, Proposition 8 passed by 5% of voters and banned gay marriage. Outside the gates of a Mormon temple however over 2,000 "gay-rights advocates", [or as I prefer to call them the lost sheep of the house of Israel] criticized the Mormon Faith for its role on the statewide ban on same sex marriage.Kai Cross was quoted in an AP Wire story as saying "They are on the losing side of history." Referring to the leaders of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for encouraging Mormons to donate millions of dollars to buy television time and mailings urging the passage of Proposition 8.

It seems the ballot measure was the brain child of a coalition of religious and social conservative groups comprised mainly of Mormons and Catholics.Proposition 8 amended the California Constitution to define marriage as a heterosexual act. The homosexual agenda simply refuses to accept the will of the people. Gay marriage supporters filed numerous legal challenges on November 5, 2008 against the Constitutional Amendment.

California Attorney general Jerry brown believes the marriages performed prior to the ban are still valid and he is also preparing to defend that position in court. Because there is no explicit language making the Amendment retroactive, many experts maintain the law does not void the prior marriage. This of course does not surprise me. Mr. Brown has always pushed the homosexual agenda forward. I am surprised he doesn't threaten to arrest anyone speaking out in support of Proposition 8.

I for one would like to encourage the religious conservative groups to continue to push ahead and stand strong. Despite the repeated threats by the discontented left to burn down churches and pilfer supports of Prop 8 you can be assured that God is on your side.

The act of homosexuality is ungodly and wicked according to the Word of god [Romans 1:18 NIV]. Anytime someone demonstrates in contradiction to the Word of God they can be sure the hand of God is not far from over them.

"Righteousness guards him who is blameless,But wickedness overthrows the sinner" Proverbs 13:6 NIV

Caving to Depravity

There are those out there that say I am way to hard on homosexuality. I have even had some be offended because I haved preached or blogged against it. But lets get real for a second. Lets talk about what the Bible says. Romans 1: 18-32 clearly speaks against homosexuality and how the "Wrath of God is being revealed " [NIV]. In 1Corinthians 6:9-10 says "Do not be deceived ...homosexual offenders will [not] inherit the kingdom of God." [NIV] 1Timothy 1:8-11 says that the law was not made for the righteous but the law breakers. Homosexuality is so grievous to God and there is no higher purpose for it other than carnal pleasure. We are taught that sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit and the Spirit is contrary to the sinful nature. With that being said, I was not surprise to learn that the homosexual agenda once again has advanced its position.A recent case in New Jersey brought against a popular dating sight called eHarmoney found a settlement in favor of the depraved. In a settlement, contrary to the scientific approach to heterosexuality eHarmony is currently using, they have settled out of Court agreeing to provide a new site called "Compatible Partners" for gay, lesbian and bisexuals.The report further goes on to say that a Superior Court Judge in California certified a Class Action Suit against eHarmony this week giving anyone who claims to have tried to join the site for a homosexual match a right to claim damages without proving them.I find these cases most disturbing because once again the courts have legislated what free enterprise can and can not do. Why is it not relevant that eHarmony chooses to not involve itself in same sex matching.What God given right does man have to force depravity down the throats of any man regardless of what their belief is? It is not enough for the Courts to approve same sex marriages in two states but now they must force free enterprise to change their systems of beliefs.This is the un-intended consequences of tolerance, which of course I always warn against.

The Day God Cried

Today is one of the darkest days in Connecticut's history since the World began. In California, as the gay rights advocates duke it out with the children of God, we the people here in Connecticut do not have such a choice.It seems the not so honorable Judge Jonathan Silbert has scheduled a hearing to enter final judgment in a case that will allow same sex sinners to wed legally in Connecticut.Next to Massachusetts, Connecticut is the only other state that legalized gay marriage. The case is a result of the Connecticut Supreme Courts ruling 4-3 on October 10, 2008 that same sex couples have the right to wed rather than enter into a civil union that gave them the same rights as married couples.Other states like Florida, Arizona, and Arkansas have passed constitutional amendments banning same sex couples from being foster or adoptive parents. Here in Connecticut a measure allowing we the people to have a voice over the liberal democrats that force their gay agenda down our throats were not so lucky. The measure was soundly defeated giving the enforcers of Gods Word a major blow. Our "REPUBLICAN" party is filled with a bunch of wanna be democrats that truly have no moral conservative back bone at all, a trend that recent gave the Presidential Race and most Senate and House seats over the democrat's this election cycle.I for one find the high and low court rulings un-democratic and nothing more than legislating from the bench. This is a grievous offensive on all levels.The judicial system, in its legislation by litigation has now forced sin down the throats of Gods people without a choice.Christian business owners will be forced to partake in the un-godly and wicked actions of homosexual marriage by having to provide all the usual benefits afforded to heterosexual couples.There are numerous unintended consequences or gay marriage and it is time people understand this, the first being the legalization of gay marriage is very much going against God Almighty Himself.As Christians, we are not guided by worldly principles. The secular non-spirit filled society does not understand this point.The Word of God declares in 1 Corinthians 2:14 "The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned."We as Christians must re-group our Judea Christan Conservative values and retake them for the well being of society as a whole.