Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A General Misunderstanding of Facts

I have heard it said that We the People must be the most irresponsible set of human beings that ever lived. If in fact the past four years, (and regrettably the next two if not four years) are any indicator of this fundamental truth, I am certain the beatings shall continue until moral improves.

I myself bear no responsibility for where we are as a Country as I myself have refused to partake in this carefully orchestrated One World Government our failed elected leaders are so strongly intent on partaking in. 

If there is any doubt in your mind as to the severity of the tormented State of our Union, one only has to ask themselves the VERY important question: How does a Congress and President with the lowest approval rating in History get re-elected? Answer: Stupidity.

Over the last few weeks, there has been much hoopla about the "Great Financial Cliff" and how we were going over it head first. Folks, let me be very clear on this point. I your humble Theological Conservative can assure you we have already gone over that cliff a long time ago, that dog has already barked and the chickens have now come home to roost. 

Many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold-MATTHEW 24:11-12

Now Prophet is defined as: 1.) A person who speaks by devine inspiration or as the interpreter though whom the will of God is expressed, 
but also as                         2.) A person gifted with profound moral insight

For the purposes of this Blog, we shall deal with the second definition as opposed to the first as to avoid confusion.

For years, these sickofints that have been leading the Country have sold themselves as great moral leaders. Forever bearing in mind the "Plight" of the poor disenfranchised American that somehow had a "Right" to free food, clothing, lodging and now healthcare. In fact, these "Prophets" even went so far to say that we had a "Right" to choose not to have God in the Classroom or Government followed by a woman having a "Right" to  choose the life of her fetus. It should be noted that the second of the last two rights came after God was tossed out.

Now my point here is very simple. We have become a Godless nation and the love of most has grown cold. We are a nation to quick to act with laws to enforce other laws that weren't enforced only to react with insanity (notably doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results), to later find out when its to late the Status Quo is the Status Whoa.

Unless and until We the People stand up for what our Forefathers did, choosing to have a Juedeo--Christian Society that truly is One Nation Under God we will continue to suffer and be victims of circumstance to sector of Political Society that just doesn't care.

Now I myself do not believe, generally speaking anyone needs to accept God or not. Thats just between them and He. I am simply saying this: We are a Juedeo-Christian Society. If you want to live in the United States, you must at least acknowledge that there is a inherent difference between Good and evil and We the People choose Good. If you can accept that fine. If not, see you later.

Now I could be wrong, but then again that would be considered 'A General Misunderstanding of Facts.'

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Problem with Change

It was what seems like four short years ago, You the People were promised change. A then bright and aspiring politician (more like a dimly lit poor invention) took center stage as the democrat’s brain child and many of you people bought it hook, line and stinker.

I myself can hardly blame them [the democrats], being as they are the party of defeat, ever surrendering to the synopsis it is better to reward failure and penalize success rather than align yourself with the fundamental truth of the Word of God. You see, they were in bad need of another astute Commander in Chief, much like former President Bill Clinton.

Promising to cut the deficit and right the “wrong” of then President George W. Bush [which by the way is another democratic optical delusion], Resident Obama; when speaking on the economy campaigned on a simple promise “if I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

Well suffice it to say, this promise should clearly find its way to retirement with the other empty promises that always seem to fill democraticland. You see in this world we now live in we have a group of ineffective leaders that seem to make it up after they’ve come along and quite frankly they insult my intelligence and try the patience of my American dream.

As un-employment continues to rise, at greater proportions than we could ever clearly comprehend, many good people are struggling to survive and no relief is in sight.
Frankly, the tough choices that need to be made are really quite simple and only politics and strange bed-fellows seem to be the great divide which separates the solutions from the problems:
  1. Cut spending. This is relatively simple. The first thing you do when your spending exceeds your revenue is you stop spending.
  2. Cut taxes. This also is a relatively fundamental foundational truth of economics’. When you trust We the Good people with our own money then the economy will grow itself with less work and cost than government intervention.
  3.  Hold people accountable for themselves. Now here is where it gets hard, asking someone to give back all that free stuff. Naturally no one wants to deprive themselves of the good things someone else is forced to give them, but then again those of us that are forced to give it to them don’t have much of say in it these days either.
I understand all too well the general chants of people that have become accustomed to the infringement of fiscal rights that “‘government’ is just too big” and “we can never effectuate change” is really nothing more than laziness in action. What I don’t understand is how these same people continue to feed this insanity formally known as the American Economy.

Let me be very clear about my position on the United States of America. We have done in 300 short years what no nation has ever done in history and this can only be attributed to the grace of God being over us.

I would however be remiss in my thinking if I failed to state however that the continual insanity formally known as our political leaders must stop and real solutions must be instituted, however tough it may be. But then again that would be ‘The Problem with Change’.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Diabolical Societal Cure

If there was ever any doubt as to whether and what extent Conservatism held an actual and accountable location within society, one only needs look at the founding principals within the oldest and most unequivocal philosophy that remains the last line of defense of the greatest Superpower in the world, The United States of America; Conservatism.

Conservatism comes from the Latin Root Word conservare, or in its actual definition “to preserve”

In order however for one to fully understand what is beyond doubt the deepest foundation of all laws, Conservatism; one must first look at what Conservatism actually is.

Conservatism is the actual political and social philosophy that promotes the insurance that traditional institutions shall continue and support only the most minimal and gradual changes in society. The truest form of Conservatism seeks only to preserve things as they were, when the manner truly emphasized stability and continuity that forever opposes the societal lie disguised under the mask of modernization, which is nothing more than a digression into self induced failure.

Conservatism is best viewed, for all intents and purposes as the philosophy that fully conjoins itself with that of Holy Scripture, which is the inherent Word of God.

It is in fact the general idea of respect of nation, neighbor and self which were derived from specific instances of solidified self respect, wherein tax cuts, deregulation, a policy of Communism, a greatly strengthened military, and strongly held belief of family values, Christian morality, and limited government all work hand in hand with the well being of society as a whole. Conservatism is a standard for social, economic and foreign policy issues that draw a line in the sand against One World Government, which is of course the prelude to the Anti-Christ.

If one believes in reduced government regulation of business and banking, resistance to world government and to environmentalism, support for Israel and for American military intervention overseas, opposition to abortion and homosexuality, support for Christian education in the public schools, support for the right to bear arms, securing the U.S borders, strict enforcement of the law, and sharp reduction in taxes and spending, then one should correctly identify as a Conservative.

As the world spins unguided and out of control the only remaining foundation of truth is Conservatism, wherein a person can be accountable for himself and his family while allowing his neighbor the opportunity to do the same. As the misguided turn their backs on the only remaining glue that holds the American fabric together, the cure of a diabolical society is continually prescribed as Conservatism.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unrealized Genetics

In order to logically ponder the appropriateness of welfare, one must first indulge oneself into the mind of a liberal, wherein the over exaggeration of entitlements was birthed.

It is doubtless that the original philosophy of welfare was good and noble, and I for one believe in feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, it’s the transition into a life of enslavement by not only the recipient but the begrudged giver that seems to have taken the original design and morphed it’s purpose into an ominous abyss of socialism.

The generally acceptable definition of welfare is governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need with something that aids or promotes well-being. As currently written, today’s Social Services Laws have moved farther away from this foundation definition and closer to a continual form of self indulgence into a world of entrapment.

In short, the problem with today’s entitlement programs are simple: First and foremost, the majority of those that are on welfare have participated in a self induced state of necessity out their own self realized laziness while forever allowing both the recipient and the ill intentioned giver to neither actually realize anything that truly aids and promotes well being nor allows the least resemblance of a long term contribution to either the recipient or giver’s continued well being.

The stark realistic truth, is just the opposite, wherein the recipient begins to inhabit the inside a rather comfortable bubble of contentment that enslaves their own self imposed limitations of the natural inclination of survival while the contributor is forever obligated to support the inhumane learned form of dependence of the recipient.

As we continue to orchestrate and allow the very slow and painful desolation of financial freedoms of everyday clear thinking Americans, the stark fulfillment of the invariable reality conveys a resounding and generally acceptable thought process: You can not economically engineer a social class of people that fails, neglects or other wise refuse to support itself by enabling them to continue their misgivings.

In short, throughout the years; the liberal agenda has been compelled to convey the mere idea that helping those that can not help themselves is a kind and acceptable form of compassion. This however is abundantly wrong. The complete opposite is true, helping those who can not help themselves is an assessorial participation of humanitarian violations of every kind.

It is a structured form of unrealized genetics’ of which continued enslavement is assured.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Continual Victims of Generational Circumstances

Throughout the last several years, one could be found arguing the point of why Connecticut has become so Blue when it comes to politics', religion and her.


As of late, many residents are disgruntled with Gov. Malloy's recent budgetary proposal, wherein he seeks to close a $3.7 billion gap with $1.5 billion in new taxes, $1 billion in State Worker Concessions and finally $780 million in budgetary cuts. There is no doubt that no stone shall be left unturned in the road of over burdened taxpayers that continue the sufferance of over taxation and ill fated representation. Gov. Malloy insists that it is shared sacrifices he offers and to a certain extent, this is arguably true. The problem being however as of always, We the People are the only ones being sacrificed.


Flash back several years ago will bring one back to former Governor's Rell and Rowland, wherein out of control State Spending, unrealistic public service retirement packages and binding arbitration for all public service employee contract negotiations have crippled the State. All the while, Connecticut has spiraled downward into a morbid abyss of a liberal revolution which now threatens to bear our State with the prestigious ability to have the highest gas tax in the nation and continued record un-employment.


At odds here however is the doubtless question of why and how did we come to this road? If the legislative bodies are so ill fated and non representative, why is it that the democratic majority continues to be re-elected time and time again along with their liberal cohorts on the Republican side? One would argue that the pointless sycophants that absorb and confiscate our wealth through their own laziness life of welfare continue to re-elect these politicians to their prestigious posts of failure. I for one would agree if it was not for the simple fact that a mere 42% of these financial parasites make up the populace and one should hardly expect them to actually vote given their desire for the life of luxury at our expense. Although it is true, a certain degree of welfare recipients do vote, I would hardly think that all 42% of them undertake this task.


After continued consideration I would argue the following point: The reason the Democratic majority continues to be re-elected is simple. The Republican Party has continually spiraled downward and off focus under the leaderships of former Chairman's Depino, Shepardson, Hamzy, Gallo, and current Chairman Chris Healy. Although many would argue that each and every Chairman has brought many positive attributes to the table, I for one hardly feel that anything less than a reasonable and realistic platform that resolves the electoral issues which are currently larger than life is unacceptable.


Moving forward, the Republican Party will need to elect a Chairman that has the vision to develop a unilateral platform that will attract real life candidates in all local, State and National Elected offices while ending the party infighting, addressing the drunken sailor spending spree and navigating this State away from its extreme liberal agenda.


Unless and until this happens we shall forever be Continual Victims of Generational Circumstances.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Time to Speak

Have you ever felt that Ecclesiastes 3:2 was written just for you? "A time to be born, And a time to die; A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted."

That's how I felt these past few months, merely empty and unable to do what He has called me to do. That is the life of we the few, the public and the next leaders of the free world, unable to show public grief and unable to be just human. For that reason and that reason alone, I chose not to draft paper to pen or type a written word, but rather allowed my frustration to spill out on the airwaves of Cable TV while choosing to bar the typed word.

I know it has been what seems like a lifetime since I have last Blogged, but frankly life has kept me from doing what I do best, which of course is granting the preparation of life for all who read me.

Over the next few days, weeks and months, I will of course be dealing with a flurry of issues both Nationally and Statewide.

Being created for times such as these, I encourage you to follow me with an open mind and an open heart as well.

We have begun the decent into the beginning of the end, and now more than ever is the essential part of 'A time to speak' (Ecclesiastes 3:7), for if not now not ever and if not ever I am forever answerable unto God.

To those of you who call me your enemy, know this: I fear you not, for if God is with me, who can be against me?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Wealthy Man In the City of Waterbury

If there was ever a tale that best told a story about the good, the bad and the wealthy in Waterbury, one only needs to read the Front Page story found in today's Waterbury Republican Newspaper. It seems that the Waterbury's now retired Water Superintendent struck a high stakes payout that if left unchallenged will allow him to begin collecting a monthly check that is nothing more than immorally legal thievery from the city. At issue is a sweetheart of a deal that allows Kenneth R. Skov more than double what the average city employee should get and to add insult to injury a green light that allows him to start confiscating taxpayers dollars a decade to early.

Any clear thinking person can rationalize the morally void specifics of this are just too stark to accept. The fact that Wealthy Man Jarjura believes Skov should begin to collect $67,000 a year as of Sept. 1 to fulfill the city obligations detailed in his lucrative employment contract that the Wealthy Man agreed to in 2002 tells me all I need to know about the status quo of Waterbury Politics at it's best.

Now the meat of the matter is this, according to published reports: "If his retirement plan is approved, former superintendent [of the Bureau of Water] Kenneth R. Skov will cost Waterbury residents at least $737,825 more over the coming 11 years than the city's Retirement Board is willing to give him. That contract, which Jarjura negotiated with him in 2002, agreed to credit Skov with two years of service for every year worked, thus giving him a big boost in his post-retirement city

To hear Jarjura tell it, one would have to believe that Skov was another pillar that kept the sky from falling on this Great City as he was a key player in a lawsuit way back when. As a result he was given a sweetheart deal with his good friend Jarjura, or maybe not as Jarjura seems to, according to the newspapers quote " blames that on former Mayor Philip A. Giordano, who hired Skov." How convenient.

One wonders if that sweetheart pension of over $700k to the water and taxpayers bill was recouped in that high stakes lawsuit.

At this moment, I am certain we all should rest and look the other way because Jarjura, according to the paper " went on to say he could have tried to strip it from Skov's contract, but Skov would have quit if he had tried to get rid of that perk or the 2-for-1 clause. In the end, that is what prompted Skov to resign." So by Jarjura's logic the ends [a sweetheart deal] justified the means, [he quit in any event]. Now I understand completely!

Currently, the retirement Board weighed in on this and credited Skov with 13 years of city service, which is how long he actually worked for the city, instead of the 21 years credited by his employment contract, according to a pension worksheet. They also did not allow Skov to boost his pension by using unused sick time to pump up the base pay figure at the heart of most municipal pension calculations which calculates t an additional $46,036, to bolster the base pay figure used to calculate his pension.

Now if Wealthy Man has his way Skov gets to up his yearly base pay from $103,000 to $149,055 for the purpose of calculating his pension.

The paper went on to report that Skov was unreachable for comment, I for one disagree. It appears Skov said all we needed to hear from 2002 when the contract was signed up to his departure to take another job.

I for one am all for fair, and stupid is as stupid does, something Jarjura and company has proven for far too many years. To me fair is this: Allow Skov to collect his pension in 2022 at the rate of $29,653 yearly, which is what he is entitled to. The pension would be withdrawn directly from the pension fund.

If that does not work, I suggest this. Let's sue Mr. Skov for an unfair, deceptive and misleading contract and bring Mr. Jarjura in as a additional party defendant. His gross negligence and usurpation of due diligence certainly exposes him to some form of liability.

Either way, at the end of the day any clear thinking attorney is certain to convince a judge that these sweetheart deals were not only unfair and deceptive but equally appalling to those dedicated workers that put in their 30+ years and seek only what is fair and equitable, something the spirit of any law would not allow.

Although this recent outrage turns the stomach of all of us taxpayers, it speaks more of the reality of where we stand in the City of Waterbury today.

I for one believe that the corrupt and avoidance of common sense by Michael Jarujura has brought this once rising star back down again. When the head is sick, the body is far from an illness, ours being higher taxes, greater unemployment and a weaker business base. But then again, this is just another example of the Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy Man in The City of Waterbury.