Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Audacity of Truth

Where in the world have these mindless leaders that have been elected to public office gone? I have always known that Politics and Friends make strange bedfellows but really, would someone dare to explain to me the difference between those that lead us and you who are being led?

There is a certain air of stupidity that most people are buying and I can not help but wonder when the proverbial soup will hit the fan and Main Stream America will wake up.

This election cycle offers great promise of either victory or defeat in this wonderful country. As I watch the economic meltdown, smoke and mirrors by main stream liberal America and a strangely familiar weak willed reality by the Republican Party that no one is willing to step forward and do the right thing I am becoming more anxious by the second to step out in faith and do something.

America is in trouble along with each and every American Town, Province, City or State, and citizen. People are out of work, unemployment is at an all time high and the food lines are getting longer.

Although many of you have never proclaimed to be economic professors or world leaders capable of resolving problems of catastrophic proportions; it doesn't take a genius to figure out what has brought us to this transposition of sure failure if something is not done and not done quickly.

Out of control spending, fiscal irresponsibility and pure laziness on the part of each and every recipient of government handouts has brought us where we are today. Sadly, those that were selected to lead us have failed miserably and there seems not one current leader throughout this great country that has the moral backbone necessary to make the tough decisions that need to be made to solve this problem once and for all.

Adding insult to this grievous injury is the usual partakers of governmental handouts also known as welfare entitlements and cushy union contracts. This lovely crowd along including the unionized cohorts all feel obliged and naturally entitled to wealth re-distribution through promissory notes and Robin Hood style semantics.

Like a breached dam silently waiting for the brick and mortar to give way Foreign entities are slowly buying up American Debt as fast as our failed leaders can print it. As surely as that breached dam will leave death and destruction in it's path once fully breached you can rest assured that the Chinese, Eastern Islamic, Russian and Latin Governments that are buying up our debt are patiently waiting to do the same.

The political field will require a litmus test of each and every candidate. This litmus test does not require experience or clout in politics. To the contrary this test will require just the opposite. Elected leaders willing to risk it all to do what is right is the first and foremost fundamental requirement. Sacrificing one's own political desires for the good of the Country not the party is the second. Allowing this Eagle to soar rather than crash and burn being the third.

Ronald Reagan once said "I know in my heart that man is good and what is right will eventually triumph and that there is purpose and worth in each and every life."

The question now remains does anyone have the moral backbone to prove this fundamental truth less than false?