Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Problem with Change

It was what seems like four short years ago, You the People were promised change. A then bright and aspiring politician (more like a dimly lit poor invention) took center stage as the democrat’s brain child and many of you people bought it hook, line and stinker.

I myself can hardly blame them [the democrats], being as they are the party of defeat, ever surrendering to the synopsis it is better to reward failure and penalize success rather than align yourself with the fundamental truth of the Word of God. You see, they were in bad need of another astute Commander in Chief, much like former President Bill Clinton.

Promising to cut the deficit and right the “wrong” of then President George W. Bush [which by the way is another democratic optical delusion], Resident Obama; when speaking on the economy campaigned on a simple promise “if I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

Well suffice it to say, this promise should clearly find its way to retirement with the other empty promises that always seem to fill democraticland. You see in this world we now live in we have a group of ineffective leaders that seem to make it up after they’ve come along and quite frankly they insult my intelligence and try the patience of my American dream.

As un-employment continues to rise, at greater proportions than we could ever clearly comprehend, many good people are struggling to survive and no relief is in sight.
Frankly, the tough choices that need to be made are really quite simple and only politics and strange bed-fellows seem to be the great divide which separates the solutions from the problems:
  1. Cut spending. This is relatively simple. The first thing you do when your spending exceeds your revenue is you stop spending.
  2. Cut taxes. This also is a relatively fundamental foundational truth of economics’. When you trust We the Good people with our own money then the economy will grow itself with less work and cost than government intervention.
  3.  Hold people accountable for themselves. Now here is where it gets hard, asking someone to give back all that free stuff. Naturally no one wants to deprive themselves of the good things someone else is forced to give them, but then again those of us that are forced to give it to them don’t have much of say in it these days either.
I understand all too well the general chants of people that have become accustomed to the infringement of fiscal rights that “‘government’ is just too big” and “we can never effectuate change” is really nothing more than laziness in action. What I don’t understand is how these same people continue to feed this insanity formally known as the American Economy.

Let me be very clear about my position on the United States of America. We have done in 300 short years what no nation has ever done in history and this can only be attributed to the grace of God being over us.

I would however be remiss in my thinking if I failed to state however that the continual insanity formally known as our political leaders must stop and real solutions must be instituted, however tough it may be. But then again that would be ‘The Problem with Change’.