Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Definition of Insanity

Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That my friends is exactly what the people of Connecticut are lucky enough to do once again.

I for one would like to offer a New definition of Insanity: Re-electing the current incumbents back into office and putting individuals with political experience and clout into the office of Governor and Federal Senate.

"You sound like an angry white boy" a caller recently said on my television show. Let the truth be told, certainly I am angry. I am tired of the arrogance that these officials have. On one hand you have the arrogant democrats that have the audacity to continue and tax us to death, confiscating our wealth, liberties and right to prosper while suppressing any able bodied worker that is willing to take a handout into the bondage of welfare.

All along on the other hand, you have an opposing party that has neither the will or vision to see it's way past their foolish addiction to power that isn't and utter withdrawal from common sense and basic conservative values that our Party was founded on.

I have recently witnessed first hand the audacity of our elected State Republican Officials that have neither the will nor ability to sit down and address the real issues that our cities, State and Nation have. On April 16, 2010; the Republicans released their own Budget Proposal. The Highlights: Failing to close the budget deficit (years of overspending) by $700 million [keeping us overdrawn], increase fees (another tax increase without the label) by $160 million and are you ready for this: taking away the working mans ability to get campaign help by bringing the power of the almighty fundraising ability dollars back to their cronies who are politically connected. And they wonder why there is a Super Democratic Majority in Connecticut?

With debt looming over each and every budget, every dollar wasted is a dollar that needs to be borrowed or confiscated from main stream working class America in the form of new taxes and fees.

Government is not the answer; it is the problem. We need to get this to large to sustain government off our backs and return back to the basics of government.

Lower taxers, cut spending and send everyone back to work leaving the handouts where they belong: To the church, but that of course would be insane.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Arrogance of Truth

The arrogance of truth is something that should not be short sold.

This year there will be a decisive year for each and every eligible voter. It will be a year when we will, without any doubt, decide our fate for the next two decades. The choices however are not just limited to "We the People", it is extended far beyond to the political candidates themselves.

Rarely, if ever, was there a time since the Revolutionary or Civil Wars, has there been a time as important as this. Decisions will have to be made, tough decisions. Not many though are up to this task.

Gone are the days where additional revenues may be found by the Elected Leaders from their constituents in the form of new taxes. Additional taxes will only bring on less spending, which will result in less revenue on the Federal side in the form of Corporate and Personal Income taxes and on State Tax side in the form of Sales and Use taxes. Boldly, this decrease, I predict will extend itself to the State Income Tax side as well as local side in decrease Property Tax Revenue due to continued closure of businesses and a lower property value market due to increased foreclosures. This is a fundamental principal I beg someone to grasp.

Truth be told, each and everyone of us have gotten ourselves into this. Those of us that trusted our elected leaders and those of you that never bothered to vote, each we are; all equally responsible. Increased spending, decreased conservatism and increased faith in in your government being anything more than its purpose: "The fundamental purpose of government is the maintenance of basic security and public order."

It is true that bold decisions will have to be made in the coming elections cycle with whom those we place as our elected leaders, but even bolder decisions must be made, without any room for error or omission; by those who are entrusted into public office.

Each and every elected official must govern as if they were not running for re-election nor were they affiliated with any party trying to maintain or regain control of the office that they hold.

Unless and until each candidate concedes their own ego and selfish ambitions, and replaces it with the true desire to make a change rather than return to office, this stagnant pond we call the water of life will remain entombed to a destiny of failure.

The Quagmire of Ignorance

There are a lot of things in life that just are not right. The direction our City, State and Country are taking being no exception.

Unemployment is at an all time high, highest in the City of Waterbury amongst all other cities and towns in Connecticut, all things being equal. People are out of work, out of money and out of options.

Meanwhile, we have a Tsunami of idiots governing our future, with hardly some if any even having a clue on how to solve the current Financial Crisis that has no apparent end in site.

The problem has been fostered for years, and it is one so many people have grown accustomed to: Living outside of ones means.

You see there is a fundamental economic basis for each and everyone of us to follow: Spend what you make, not what you hope to make.

But thats not the logical way for our elected leaders to govern. Their dangerous and careless tax and spend leadership has brought us to our knees. And if you do not think things are bad you are only kidding yourself. If you think things are getting better, or will be better in the future, you are hoping for something that is not and never can be until something changes.

My experience has taught me that you can not live off of borrowing and not expect to pay the price. Yes, I have suffered and made the same mistakes as everyone else. There was a time where I chose to live outside of my means and be something I was not. Now the consequences to these choices are long work hours, a lower standard of living and sleepless nights brought on by worry and pre-occupation with making ends meet.

It is improbable that the Real Estate Market will return anytime soon to what it was. As a result, I like many of you are trapped in over leveraged notes on properties that can not possibly support their debt.

Simply put there is not enough money to go around. Unless and until We the People realize that Government is not the answer but rather the problem, reform the way government operates and learn to just say no; the quagmire we call life will only continue to expand the slavery of debt we all face.

Although I sympathize with those that want to "help" our brothers and sisters throughout the world and throughout the lower economic status we must learn to say "Too Bad" . We can neither afford it nor afford to continue this fantasy of self required righteousness we all seem to support.

Each and every person in the Country that can needs to return to work and stop their dependence on the government. Until we turn to the principles of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, we will continue to suffer a great oppression that only has ignorance as its greater enemy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

An Open Letter to My Elected Officials

Dear Local Leaders, Connecticut Legislatures, Connecticut Senators, US House of Representatives, US Senators and Resident Obama:

I am writing you today to bring you up to speed about my status and the status of your fellow Americans and Constituents.

It is with complete confidence, that I realize you are so far out of touch with mainstream America, that you must be informed as to the Fate of the Union.

It is obvious and apparent to me that somehow there had been a great loss of accountability in our Local, State and Federal government, by you the leaders that we elected into office. As a result, you have repaid the trust that We the People have given you by placing a heavy burden on us which is greater than any person should have to bear.

Clearly, before I go any further, let me state for the record that I personally did not vote for you due to your liberal ideology; which quite frankly is an ideology that I can not believe in and prohibits me from logically thinking you somehow care about my fellow Americans or myself or have any self dignity or respect whatsoever.

Like myself, many of my fellow Americans have fallen upon hard economic times. Many have lost their homes, their jobs, their families and their will to go on. Everywhere I turn, there is desperation, thievery, and a lack of goodwill and love. People are burdened by their debt, the financial crisis and the loss of their liberties.

There is an air of evil prowling around this country and it is manifesting itself to a greater degree of which I have not witnessed in this lifetime.

I am not sure when exactly you lost your common sense or where you learned to govern the way that you do but I only know that something must change and must change now.

I am not asking you to pay my mortgage, put fuel in my vehicles, food on my table or even pay for my health care. All I am asking you for is the opportunity to allow me to provide for my family and be responsible for myself and my children without interference from you.

I am proposing, for the good of the country and society that each and everyone of you, Democrat and Republican alike stand down and step aside. It is very obvious to me that you neither can or will have what it takes to bring America back to the Judea Christian Country it was founded to be. Clearly you are in way over your head and beyond your abilities.

In short, stop what you are doing and allow We the People to do the right thing and govern this country.

Continual tax and spending does not work, as you have so truthfully shown. Our Local, State and Federal check books are all overdrawn and can not sustain another day of the reckless governing each and everyone of you are guilty of.

If you recues yourself from your continually flawed leadership and allow clear thinking Americans like myself bring this country back on track I along with other freedom loving working class people will propose the following:
  1. Immediately cut spending by 20% across the board
  2. Simultaneously placing a freeze on all proposed tax increases
  3. Reduce all current taxes by 10%
  4. Stop the exportation of American Oil and Natural gas to foreign entities

The end result will an economy well stimulated and the allowance of true economic growth.

Since you will have stepped down, you will no longer need to be paid and you and your staffs will save the United States a large undetermined amount of money.

I recognize that you and your staff will be out of work and essentially unemployed, but perhaps that is what you need to bring you back into fellowship with your common sense which was lost somewhere down the line.

Continuing with your reckless borrow, tax and spend agenda will only bring this country deeper into debt and enslave our children's children for another two generation to a group of foreign entities that have neither our best interests or the best interest of our children at hand.

I host a television show at 9:00 on Tuesday nights. I believe it would to be fair to allow you to respond on this program and explain your carelessness.

I thank you for your time and look forward to your response.


Michael Festa

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Avoidance of Morality and Religion

As I sit here today, I can not help but recall the years of planning that has been expensed for the total decimation of our great country. This plan, which has been callously created by the combination of countless hours, the systematic separation from our founding principles and the audacity of deception, has enveloped itself to bring total destruction tot he free capitalistic society which the United States of America was founded on.

The sole purpose of the enemies of freedom is to take captive God's children. The quickest and easiest way to draw one from God is to enslave them.

The process starts out easy enough. The first step in this process was to construct a fictional economy that intersects with ones own desire to better oneself. The over inflated housing market, along with predatory lending brought on by greed and monetary hoarding, only worked to glorify the plan of decimation.

As the markets crumbled and the economy failed, the lost sheep began to be led astray. Little by little, as debt works to erode ones freedom, both the mind and the spirit of man works to worry oneself deeper and deeper into an abyss of confusion. As the system is built the law supports and encourages such deception and failure. This of in itself is a physiological parasite that slowly works on ones well being and thought process, in a way hat without warning consumes ones common sense.

While We the People are forever held accountable for the reckless legislative decisions that are made by our elected failed officials, in the form of long term debt and capital enslavement, they that brought us to this point are left without accountability and free to continue their plan.

As debt and economic hardships evolve, the nature of one is to become dependant on their government to meet their needs. This course is an evil that was never intended to be by our founding fathers.

The master plan by those who strive to take down this democracy is to first cloud ones judgement followed by the eroding of ones common sense and ability to maintain personal responsibility for ones own self.

Unless and until the people educate themselves as to the original intent of our founding Fathers, we shall remain enslaved by the power of those in which we have extended our trust and liberty to.

A society that wishes to be both ignorant and free is a a society that wants what never was nor can ever be.

"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams, October 11, 1978