Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Wealthy Man In the City of Waterbury

If there was ever a tale that best told a story about the good, the bad and the wealthy in Waterbury, one only needs to read the Front Page story found in today's Waterbury Republican Newspaper. It seems that the Waterbury's now retired Water Superintendent struck a high stakes payout that if left unchallenged will allow him to begin collecting a monthly check that is nothing more than immorally legal thievery from the city. At issue is a sweetheart of a deal that allows Kenneth R. Skov more than double what the average city employee should get and to add insult to injury a green light that allows him to start confiscating taxpayers dollars a decade to early.

Any clear thinking person can rationalize the morally void specifics of this are just too stark to accept. The fact that Wealthy Man Jarjura believes Skov should begin to collect $67,000 a year as of Sept. 1 to fulfill the city obligations detailed in his lucrative employment contract that the Wealthy Man agreed to in 2002 tells me all I need to know about the status quo of Waterbury Politics at it's best.

Now the meat of the matter is this, according to published reports: "If his retirement plan is approved, former superintendent [of the Bureau of Water] Kenneth R. Skov will cost Waterbury residents at least $737,825 more over the coming 11 years than the city's Retirement Board is willing to give him. That contract, which Jarjura negotiated with him in 2002, agreed to credit Skov with two years of service for every year worked, thus giving him a big boost in his post-retirement city

To hear Jarjura tell it, one would have to believe that Skov was another pillar that kept the sky from falling on this Great City as he was a key player in a lawsuit way back when. As a result he was given a sweetheart deal with his good friend Jarjura, or maybe not as Jarjura seems to, according to the newspapers quote " blames that on former Mayor Philip A. Giordano, who hired Skov." How convenient.

One wonders if that sweetheart pension of over $700k to the water and taxpayers bill was recouped in that high stakes lawsuit.

At this moment, I am certain we all should rest and look the other way because Jarjura, according to the paper " went on to say he could have tried to strip it from Skov's contract, but Skov would have quit if he had tried to get rid of that perk or the 2-for-1 clause. In the end, that is what prompted Skov to resign." So by Jarjura's logic the ends [a sweetheart deal] justified the means, [he quit in any event]. Now I understand completely!

Currently, the retirement Board weighed in on this and credited Skov with 13 years of city service, which is how long he actually worked for the city, instead of the 21 years credited by his employment contract, according to a pension worksheet. They also did not allow Skov to boost his pension by using unused sick time to pump up the base pay figure at the heart of most municipal pension calculations which calculates t an additional $46,036, to bolster the base pay figure used to calculate his pension.

Now if Wealthy Man has his way Skov gets to up his yearly base pay from $103,000 to $149,055 for the purpose of calculating his pension.

The paper went on to report that Skov was unreachable for comment, I for one disagree. It appears Skov said all we needed to hear from 2002 when the contract was signed up to his departure to take another job.

I for one am all for fair, and stupid is as stupid does, something Jarjura and company has proven for far too many years. To me fair is this: Allow Skov to collect his pension in 2022 at the rate of $29,653 yearly, which is what he is entitled to. The pension would be withdrawn directly from the pension fund.

If that does not work, I suggest this. Let's sue Mr. Skov for an unfair, deceptive and misleading contract and bring Mr. Jarjura in as a additional party defendant. His gross negligence and usurpation of due diligence certainly exposes him to some form of liability.

Either way, at the end of the day any clear thinking attorney is certain to convince a judge that these sweetheart deals were not only unfair and deceptive but equally appalling to those dedicated workers that put in their 30+ years and seek only what is fair and equitable, something the spirit of any law would not allow.

Although this recent outrage turns the stomach of all of us taxpayers, it speaks more of the reality of where we stand in the City of Waterbury today.

I for one believe that the corrupt and avoidance of common sense by Michael Jarujura has brought this once rising star back down again. When the head is sick, the body is far from an illness, ours being higher taxes, greater unemployment and a weaker business base. But then again, this is just another example of the Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy Man in The City of Waterbury.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

READ THIS: A Con Artist by Any Other Name

It was no surprise that the bilking of $1.6 billion by the CEO's of 17 banks would go un-punished, unless of course one actually believed the tough talk of outrage that wasn't actually existed regarding the pay of these legalized robbers parading around as bankers. It seems that of which went beyond the normal limits of pay for these immorally bankrupt hoodlums will now be let go and swept under the rug by the Obama pay czar, grossly absent of a fight or even a word muttered.

Kenneth Feinberg, the gutless puppet of the current Resident of the White House, Barrack Hussein Obama, made widely known on Friday that he would not so much as even attempt to seek reimbursement of the $1.6 billion in compensation legally bestowed to top executives at the bailed-out banks. His reasoning; he thought shaming them was punishment enough. How noble.

The problem is however, his carefully orchestrated "decision" to allow such legalized thievery speaks bounds for the current state of affairs of the United States of America with one of the greatest of the seven sins of our Country being revealed: greed

I take exception to such ludicrous policy choices, not because I am envious of those that are excessively possessing material wealth, but rather because I challenge their ability to accomplish such feats at the expense of We the People and our children and their children and all future generations that have now become enslaved to the banking masters.

I like so many other of the working class American populace have fallen victim to the slavery of credit issued by the elite few. If it was not enough that they have orchestrated the great collapse our economy through greed an manipulation one only needs to look at the equitable conditions set forth within the failed leaders policies that allow continual consumption of debt slavery and court systems that allow such criminalities against the back bone of America to not only exist, but advance with ease.

In a Capitalistic society, one builds an economic system that is characterized by private and corporate ownership of capital goods and investments that are determined by private decisions, prices, production and the distribution of goods that are determined by competition in a free market. All this of course is subject to the adherence of moral and just decision making void of greed and manipulation, something the banking system somehow forgot.

According to Wikipeida online dictionary, a Ponzi scheme
"is a fraudulent investment that pays returns to separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any actual profit earned." That pretty much seems to sum up the banking system to me.

If it were not bad enough that the Ponzi Scheme derived by the elite few which inflated home values, market conditions and whatever else these sickofints did legally and or otherwise gave great contribution to the sufferance of We the People, to allow such duplicity of thievery and banditry of any American by taxpayer monies is categorically wrong, illegal, unethical and immoral; period.

An AP article published today is quoted as saying "Among the companies Feinberg did not pursue were two whose bailouts are expected to cost taxpayers more than $38 billion: American International Group Inc. and CIT Group Inc. He also ignored excessive pay at Wall Street powerhouses such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co., which reaped massive profits from government efforts to stabilize the financial system. They had no trouble repaying their bailouts. He said a fight with those banks could have exposed them to lawsuits from shareholders trying to recapture the executives' money, and he did not think that would be fair."

Apparently Mr. Feinberg believes it is more fair and equitable to advocate for the assailant as opposed to the victim, something that is ever so prevalent in American Government today.

My issue is this: the same people that had their little keesters saved by the taxpayers of this country responded with the confiscation of wealth by giving themselves huge bonuses all the while that many of our fellow Americans lost their jobs and their retirements due to Wall Street greed.

You can talk about cutting taxes and reducing spending all you want, unless and until moral and just Statesmen [and woman] resolve in their hearts to take leadership roles in this country, throw the greed stricken bums out and unite with morality and ethics in combating the cancerous cells of greed and wealth confiscation, the status quo which is not working shall remain.

A Con Artist by any other name is still a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim, something in which the bakers have legally perfected.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Clearly Elite and Arrogant Persona

Although it was not my intention, I could not help but once again strike pen to paper in response to the arrogance that of Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton were forced to participate in Monday, July 12, 2010.

On that fateful day, Republican endorsed front-runner Tom Foley went to Hartford Superior Court trying to limit the choice of the people by blocking the State Elections Enforcement Commission from awarding Fedele and Boughton $2.1 million in campaign funds.

At issue in Foley's lawsuit, which was filed against the State Elections Enforcement Commission the day after the panel awarded $2 million to finance the joint campaign of Fedele and Boughton, is whether the $250,000 needed to qualify for the public funding came to them legitimately. The Foley camp claims that when Fedele and Boughton decided to pool their funds after raising small contributions to qualify separately for public financing, they wound up receiving checks from the same people. Foley has taken exception with about $25,000 worth of the $250,000 needed to qualify for the public funding, claiming it came to them in this manner and is in violation of the $100 per donor limit.

Now here's the problem with Foleys argument: Fedele and Boughton only formed a joint committee on July 1, after each had raised their respective capital separately. At the time, they were clearly independent candidates for governor and there certainly was no intent to usurp the law. The elections commission approved their application for an election grant a week after their joint filing. The request for an injunction was filed the following morning, by the Foley campaign in an obvious challenge designed to cause the maximum damage to the Fedele-Boughton campaign. Of course this is an allegation that Foley's lawyers strongly dispute. I guess we are to somehow believe Mr. Foley has the good of the people in mind even though his campaign had not exhausted all administrative remedies before going to court, something logic questions.

To add insult to injury, the campaign of Oz Griebel, the third Republican candidate for governor, has now joined the Foley campaign in asking the Court to deny public financing to the Fedele-Boughton team, how noble.

There is a major unintended disclosure that any clear thinking voter can see when one properly analyzes the tag team effort of Foley and Griebel. You see without public financing, the ruling will effectively muzzle the Fedele-Boughton campaign for the rest of the primary election. The reason being is because they will not be able to match Foley's and Griebel's television and radio advertising and mass mailings, something Foley and Griebel are certainly counting on.

All of this begs the questions to be asked: Is Fedele that much of a threat to Foley and Griebel that he must be silenced? Or: Are they both [Foley and Griebel] clearly that weak that unless they silence Fidele they are unable to supersede his ability to win?

Either way, they are both tyrants in the making.

I author this Blog not so much as I support Fidele, as I do not know him, but rather as I do not support tyrant like behavior. Up until this time, I remained open minded about Griebel, that of course has now changed.

I had reasonable expectations that the likes of Foley and Griebel would have had some integrity. I guess at times I to should expect to be disappointed as well. In retrospect however their actions are nothing more than self incrimination of their clearly elite and arrogant persona, something the voters of Connecticut clearly do not need.


A House Divided

I myself have rather grown tired of the infectious, comatose and devoid lack of common sense that the majority of Americans have welcomed within their everyday lives. With such catastrophic events taking place within the border's of the world's only super power, desolation and destruction are seen to those with opened eyes not that far off in the distance. Logically speaking, the destructive trees of socialism are just before the forest of communism.

America, in far contradiction to the every so degrading opinion of elite few; is not a nation of cowards or self seeking "crackers", as some of the most logically depraved misfits have declared. I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.

Clearly, the arrogance and disdain that our local and state governments, Congress, House of Representatives, and President have shown us with their total disregard for the Constitution has now mutated to such a level of catastrophic proportions, one of which this country has never seen nor clearly can support much longer.

The solemn duty of our government is to obey the Constitution, secure our borders, maintain a general level of stability and peace while limiting itself in size; something our failed leaders both democrat and republican alike are unable to do.

Unemployment is reported to be hovering around 9 ½%. I for one believe these numbers are rather conservative and expect a more realistic percentage of Americans out of work is around 35%, and the stark reality is that each and every household financial budget has been raped, pilfered and it's American dream usurped by a clearly ignorant and defiant group of elected officials.

It is not enough that our hard earned salaries have been confiscated to bail out corrupt industries, support criminals that reside in this country without permission while rewarding them with social security benefits and health care, but those same very jobs with which once served to finance such lunacy have now been sent over seas to make other countries grow more economically than ourselves.

All the while, main stream American media is more concerned about Mel Gibson, Lindsey Lohan and whatever other idiotic "feature of the day" would distract the clearly uninformed and unconcerned average American.

My dear brothers and sisters wake up and smell the coffee. Corruption, greed and depraved arrogance reek in the nostrils of liberty and we must do something about it. Starting today, everywhere in America there is an opportunity to be heard. These opportunities include but are not limited to Tea Party and Anti Tax Rallies, talk shows, legally sanctioned elections and open office seats up for election.

Let our traitorous elected officials know that we are Mad as Hell and We are not going to take it anymore. After all, a house divided will certainly fall.




Saturday, July 10, 2010

A RINO in the Courtyard

As the August 10, 2010 Primaries heat up, Tom Foley, the endorsed Republican candidate for Connecticut governor, ran off to court on Friday on a quest to halt one of his potential equals who may very well challenge Foley's political aspirations, from receiving more than $2 million in public funding.

Foley's campaign asserts that Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele and his running mate, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, failed to meet their legal obligations necessary to receive the funds from the state's Citizens Election Program.

An Associated Press Article portraying the story quotes Justin Clark, Foley's campaign manager; as follows: "This is going to be indicative of what goes on in a Foley administration, no more game-playing. People need to play by the rules." Oh really? How noble Mr. Foley, and according to you the "rules" are to tie your opponent up in court by usurping his ability to move forward with campaign funds?

You see at issue in Foley's lawsuit, which was filed against the State Elections Enforcement Commission the day after the panel awarded $2 million to finance the joint campaign of Fedele and Boughton, is whether the $250,000 needed to qualify for the public funding came to them legitimately. The Foley camp claims that when Fedele and Boughton decided to pool their funds after raising small contributions to qualify separately for public financing, they wound up receiving checks from the same people. Foley has taken exception with about $25,000 worth of the $250,000 needed to qualify for the public funding, claiming it came to them in this manner and is in violation of the $100 per donor limit.

Now Foley, an outspoken critic of the public financing system, can well afford to finance himself and has nothing to lose and everything to gain by frustrating Fedele and Boughton if even for a few days. The primary is a little over four weeks away and every day is valuable for Fedele and Boughton to get their message out. Foley, no idiot knows this and clearly is utilizing a political ploy to achieve this.


Now I for one certainly have a hard time believing candidate Foley can relate to me and my economic hardships and for that reason alone had luke warm support for him at best. His rather aggressive and un-necessary attempt to disenfranchise the Republican voters, seeking to win by deceit as opposed to merit only serves to distance the divide between him and I even greater. I believe his actions are nothing more than that of a democrat in all aspects.


Clearly a Governor Foley will be nothing more than a RINO in the courtyard, something substantially less than the good people of Connecticut can afford to tolerate.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Anniversary of Failure


As one of the greatest founding fathers John Adams once said: "The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If 'Thou shalt not covet' and 'Thou shalt not steal' were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or made free."


What a noble idea. Sadly however nobility is far lacking in today's elected society and this being the 5th anniversary of failure, such ideas require my attention.


I must admit, since the inevitable error of the United States Supreme Court's Kelo vs. New London decision, wherein the Court sanctioned the taking of private property of one American to give to another, I have always had, since that time forward, a rather doubtful opinion of the ability of our highest court to protect the rights of our citizens.


Right on cue however is a breath of fresh air with Republican for Connecticut Attorney General Martha Dean. If it were not enough that Ms. Dean clearly intends to restore integrity and original intent into the office of Attorney General, something which most notably has been grossly lacking in the last twenty years, one only needs to examine Ms. Dean solely on her recent statements to get a look at exactly what type of Attorney General she will be.


A recent article quotes Ms. Dean as follows: "As Attorney General I will propose reforming Connecticut's eminent domain laws to ensure that the type of eminent domain abuse that was allowed to occur in New London cannot reoccur".


At issue with the Kelo vs. New London decision was the very questionable confiscation of private property in this rural New England Town. Martha Dean clearly points out that the original intent of eminent domain was traditionally limited to public projects that would actually be used by the public, such as town halls, school buildings, roads, libraries, and so forth. After a rather broad and significant interpretation of "public use" in the 1950's by the U.S. Supreme Court, the term "public use" included the condemnation of private property to correct blighted urban areas.


Although the reasons for eminent domain reform are clear, the unintended consequences serve as a reminder in the New London case wherein homeowners lost their homes and there is nothing to show for the loss that the government imposed.


Martha Dean recently made the following observations of fact that further support why change is needed: "The homes in New London's Fort Trumbull area that were taken by the government for development sit vacant with weeds growing where there were once lawns and gardens. The city development authority's plans for redevelopment were focused on Pfizer's long-term commitment to the area, yet Pfizer has moved away and taxpayers are being forced to pay $35 million to entice another company to move into Pfizer's now-abandoned offices. As Attorney General I will propose reforming Connecticut's eminent domain laws to ensure that the type of eminent domain abuse that was allowed to occur in New London cannot reoccur,"


For 20 years Connecticut had an Attorney General that had little time on his hands to represent the true interests of those that placed him into office, especially when their most prized and sacred possession; their home was being confiscated. While chasing Connecticut business out of State, running after cameras, mis-speaking about his veteran service in a foreign war, and what ever else Richard Blumenthal did top acquire his $65 million treasure chest he also somewhere lost touch with We the People. It is time that dereliction of duties changes so we are ensured the next Attorney General of Connecticut does not allow history to repeat itself.


It is no secret that the duties of the Attorney General are far reaching and include making legislative proposals, providing opinions on the constitutionality of proposed legislation and, at times, existing law, and otherwise protecting Connecticut citizens from an abuse of state authority. Something Martha Dean clearly understands.


If Connecticut is ever going to move forward and away from this prominent abyss of failure, it must first require an Attorney General that has moral, ethical, clear thinking and articulate counsel, all traits that adequately favor Ms. Dean and are painfully a challenge to her opponents. Without such, we will all too often experience an anniversary of failure once again.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Abrogated Intelligence

With slightly more than a month to the August 10, 2010 Primaries, wherein We the Clear Thinking People will undoubtedly attempt to instill our common sense into the rest of those who find it challenging to reach some form of general intelligence, I cannot help but Author an opinion on exactly what should be done and why.

Clearly, there are numerous primary challenges, many inspired by the sincere desire to be morally correct and resourceful, while other is; well shall I say more of the same ol' same ol'.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with my opinion one thing is abundantly clear and that is my sincere honesty. A clear thinking person should never have to guess my position as I certainly and without regard to party loyalty speak what I think and think what I speak.

Like many, I have grown tired of the status quo as it is ever so clearly not working. I recognize that things must change and they must change quickly as our inability to orchestrate a turn for the better becomes more difficult as the days go by.

Each day that passes, we face an economic failure which if continually left unchecked and unresolved will become far greater than the great depression of the 1930's. Record deficit spending, continually higher taxes and a morally devoid set of incompetent leaders all work together to formulate a catastrophic end to the greatest nation in the world, the United States of America.

If there is anything that is responsible for the
economic failure of our nation, it is the Incumbent policies and Party Establishments that have served to make the American taxpayer insensitive to deficit spending, punish honest working people for their success by penalizing us of over half of our hard earned dollars, discourage half of the American population from exercising personal responsibility, and promoting government dependence.

In the name of being fair and equitable, expressing compassion and social justice, the incumbent Democrats and Republicans have so thoroughly undermined the Capitalistic system that America was built on that nearly ten percent of all those willing and desiring gainful employment are robbed of an opportunity to retreat from economic failure at the hand of these over bearing far reaching sickofints we call "elected leaders". The end result is a weakened country due to the greater economic decay which inevitably follows what I like to call inadequate intelligence.

As we grow ever closer to Primary Day, it is necessary that clear thinking voters realize that incumbents are not the solution to our problems but rather the cause. People have no alternative but to educate their friends and neighbors that it is essential that they realize these incumbents, ir-regardless of their party affiliation, current or prior office, whatever the case may be; have failed us. Simply put if they are affiliated with their Party Establishment, held a prior office in government, seek a higher office or are seeking another term; returning them for another term of failure is simply not an option.

Clearly, the lack of true and meaningful leadership has earned them the revocation of voter trust and accordingly they need to rejoin the real world.

To invoke anything less would be Abrogated Intelligence, period.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Horse of a Different Color

Far be it from me not to have an opportunity to dissect Republican Ross Garber, a well-known attorney and Republican Establishment fellow that is now running for attorney general.

In case you missed it, and not to drudge up the past; Garber is former Governor John G. Rowland's attorney, representing then Governor Rowland during the impeachment inquiry in 2004.

My problems with Garber for A.G. are numerous, so where to begin should be a relatively easy task.

First and foremost Garber is a "Party Establishment Boy" deep rooted within the failed Connecticut Republican Party. You see not only is he former Governor Rowland's Attorney, but Garber is also a "political bedfellow" who shares in the current state of disgrace of whatever it is these useless Connecticut State Central – Republican Party Members do these days.

To add insult to injury, Garber is also the brother in-law to Democrat Susan Bysiewicz, who was also in the race for A.G. until the Connecticut Supreme Court slapped her aspirations down due to her abundant lack of qualifications. Given the outcome of her court challenge, that of in itself begs the question to be asked: Just how competent of a Attorney could Garber be?

Logically speaking, if one is unable to form an opinion of abandonment on Mr. Garber from his defense of Governor Rowland alone, one only has to assimilate to reason number two, wherein Mr. Garber 's family ties are to a well known Democratic Establishment figure that allowed him to quite obviously offer reasonable counsel as to the strategy of reason and inevitable court challenge in which Ms. Bysiewcz attempted to arrogantly usurp the office of Attorney General, despite the very clear and obvious mandates of state law regarding active experience, in which she fell far short.

A recent article, published shortly after Garber announced his run for A.G. quoted him as saying "Connecticut needs an attorney general who will vigorously and diligently represent the state and its citizens, and who will do so without grandstanding or self-promotion''. Hmmm sounds like another Blumenthal to me.

Although I agree with Mr. Garber that Connecticut needs an Attorney General, I have a more realistic view on the moral and ethical requirements of that office and I highly doubt he is the person for the job. I make this statement with full confidence based on the recent ridiculous attack on Mr. Garber's opponent Martha Dean from him and his camp.

You see Martha Dean, who is the convention-endorsed Republican candidate for attorney general, did something that she is most noted for, but certainly holds as her greatest weakness if you listen to Garber and his sickofint campaign camp: She spoke her true beliefs. Yesterday an Editorial in the Republican American Newspaper wrote "and for choosing not to obfuscate, to sugarcoat, to doublespeak, to adhere to the conventional wisdom, to say poll-tested thoughts that aren't her own, she has been demagogued by her primary opponent… " which is Mr. Garber.

The Editorial goes on to express the foundational truth that there was nothing about her opponents position that " even remotely attempted to rebut her argument that society would benefit if children learned about guns, firearm safety and the crucial role guns play in protecting people's lives, liberties and property. The best her GOP opponent, Ross Garber, could muster was: "It is certainly not the attorney general's job to give our schoolchildren guns."

It is of my factual opinion that if it is not enough that Mr. Garber has catastrophic political liabilities and strong ties to both the democratic and republican establishment one needs to only focus their attention on his gross mischaracterization of Ms. Dean's position. Mr. Garber is nothing more than a miscalculating cheap shot artist that hurls mindless insults of the highest order and in doing so tells voters all they need to know about Mr. Garber's suitability for office.

Garber simply is unqualified by all moral accounts, and although he may be nothing more than a R.I.N.O. [Republican In Name Only], he surely is nothing more than a jackass parading around as a horse of a different color, something substantially less than the good people of the Connecticut deserve.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Self Medicated Politician

If there is any doubt as to how severely and to what extent the "Teflon Don" of Attorney Generals, Democrat Richard Blumenthal; has placated a double standard between his not so ethical portrayal of the People's Attorney and how under his watch he kept shop, one only needs to inquire into the review of his office.

It seems a recent editorial in today's Waterbury Republican Newspaper brought to light some very disturbing and distinct suggestions that Tricky Dicky may in fact have a dual personality malfunction disorder.


The Article is quoted as follows:

"According to the state's auditors, Mr. Blumenthal should have spent more time minding his own store. Their little-publicized review of the attorney general's office found a number of serious deficiencies, if not outright violations of the law, when it came to managing personnel, finances and outside contracts. They found Mr. Blumenthal:

Let subordinates to abuse their compensatory-time benefits.

Regularly failed to deposit large payments to his office within statutory time limits, costing the government (taxpayers) interest income.

Committed a major accounting lapse by overstating more than $360,000 in receivables.

Routinely spent money before receiving authorization or after authorizations had expired.

Exceeded contractual limits on payments to outside attorneys and then regularly made those lawyers wait for their checks, some for as long as two years. (Maybe if Mr. Blumenthal pushed his more than 300 assistant attorneys general a little bit, he could spare taxpayers the additional expense of hiring extra legal help to handle his hyperactive caseload.) For his part, Mr. Blumenthal offered excuses and rationalizations to pardon his mismanagement, none of which he would accept if they came from a business he was intent upon suing."

It is no surprise that Blumenthal has made a 20 year habit out of traveling around the State and Nation seeking out each and every opportunity he could for his overextended 15 minutes of fame as Connecticut Attorney General. His adventures have included but were not limited to: testimony in Washington, actively entertaining parade watchers, impromptu news conferences announcing what windfall judgments he obtained against evil corporations [despite the fact that the truly guilty were let off easy ie: Ameriquest Mortgage], swaying public opinion favorably in his direction by addressing civic organizations, actively attended political and union rallies, lying…er ah "misspeaking" about his heroism that wasn't in the Vietnam War and let us not forget helping to close the doors of a local computer shop at a cost of several millions of dollars to Connecticut Taxpayers and so on and so forth and so whatever else double standard politicians seem to do these days.

The simple fact remains that for 20 years the pompous Mr. Blumenthal has spent two decades as a legalistic dictator that demanded companies large and small across Connecticut and America run their entities in a manner he demanded without any flexibility for the slightest grace for unintended error. At every opportunity, he morphed into a publicity seeking opportunist in an attempt to make himself ever so known to Connecticut households as the seeker of justice who routinely ran down each and every person who opposed his not so noble causes. While it is clear that Mr. Blumenthals actions as Attorney General are reprehensible and double natured in principal, virtue and fact, there is a greater issue at large which requires every clear thinking voter in Connecticut to consider.

Mr. Blumenthal is a byproduct of what all failed politicians have in common: The Establishment, much like Senator Dodd, Harry Ried, Ross Garber and the rest of the corrupt clan; they have nothing to offer their employers the taxpayers. As a result, their double standard lifestyle of government has resulted in choices that are clearly contrary to the good of the people, serving only to oppress them. Rather than advance freedom and democracy while aiding fundamental moral and economic growth, they the willing have disgraced themselves and the reality of what is right and true.

As a result, we the people have suffered greatly and as such experienced the unintended consequences of another self medicated politician.



Monday, June 28, 2010

The Fundamental Purpose of Life

There is a stark reality that exists wherein those of common sense are separated from all others. I would ask one to forgive me on my choice of words, but that would imply I was ashamed of my position which is not only a foundational truth from the beginning of time, but accordingly would imply that I have doubt in my position, both of which is something as those that know me best will affirm never happens.

As for me, if I am to speak on a particular issue, I will do so with complete confidence that my position is correct, carefully reasoned in my own mind, and well thought of prior to a justifiable conclusion. I have no interest in political notoriety, public approval or anything else that derails them from us. In fact my only interest is to join my fellow Americans and bring this country back to the wonderful place it was first intentioned by God for it to be and recognized by our founding fathers as the necessity of its success.

It is no surprise to anyone that times are tough. People are losing their homes, jobs, cars and American dream while those who have been placed in the highest trust of We the People have usurped their integrity for greed and power which truly isn't.

The problem is as clear as it could be and no one should make the mistake of failing to see it for what it really is. I can assure everyone that I agree that high taxes, increased spending, far reaching effects of government, attempted social and economic designation of races and the ill fated plot of solving every problem by the throwing around of money are a serious and catastrophic threats to our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Never the less however, after great contemplation and deliberation I have searched and searched for the solution to each and every issue that we face today.

I have come to the conclusion that although the above are a very real and apparent threats to our cities, towns, states and nation, within themselves they are merely unintended consequences of the true and immediate problem, which if continued to remain unchecked will without any doubt ultimately destroy what so many have died over the years for to save; our freedom.

You see, those each and every one of us have elected into office are the real problem, democrat and republican alike, no matter what their affiliation; whether incumbent or party establishment. They are the problem, period. They are a group of ill intentioned misfits that have been devoid of a life or real purpose and have thus sought to fulfill their shortcomings by placing sufferance on us, the ones who placed our trust in them and their corrupt ideals in the first place.

To each and every one of them that failed, neglected or otherwise refused to have compassion or encouragement for their fellow man, they hijacked the noble purposes and intent of welfare for a lifestyle of enslavement that only serves to aid them in their never ending power grab at job security. For others, those of them that are unable, unwilling or just inadequate in successful achievements within a capitalistic economy, they seek to regulate and tax business and corporate America into some fairy tale monster whose only breath of life is the fantasized creation in which they first made. Others of them have become forgone conclusions of failure by the mere fact that campaign on a platform that is not only impossible to achieve but is quite truthfully the greatest example of self failure anyone could ever demonstrate.

Whichever one they may be at this point, the simple fact remains they must leave, either willingly or by choice of the people. In doing so we will not only purge ourselves of inadequacy, but simultaneously advocate the fundamental purpose of each and every purpose of life we were created for, the return to the natural morality of success. Won't you join me today?

Friday, June 25, 2010

An Economic Wardrobe of Sorts

As a child, one of the greatest fairytales of all time was the Emperor’s New Clothes. For those of you who do not remember, "The Emperor's New Clothes" was about two weavers who promise an Emperor a new suit of clothes invisible to those unfit for their positions or incompetent. When the Emperor parades before his subjects in his new clothes, a child cries out, "But he isn't wearing anything at all!"

Well here we have it. “Companies are spending again, and that could mean better economic times ahead.” an article reports.

It seems that businesses are investing more money in machinery, computers, steel and other metals in three of the past four months and the liberals are salivating at their mouths. There is the appearance of economic growth in the second quarter and the hope that this in turn may lead to more jobs later this year. Always hating to be the bearer of bad news, I would suggest not rejoicing so fast.

Although the left is quick to give their Messiah Obama the nod of financial nobleness and quickly claim a victory over this War on Recovery, a revelation of Economic Wardrobe is about to unfold.

As is always the case, the liberal agenda in a never ending fantasy; fails to remember its shortcomings and economic failures which are the unintended consequences of its Economic Flavored Kool-Aid.

The numbers are out once again, and a realistic dissection of what is really taking place will reveal the stark reality that the worse is yet to come. You see even though the rate of layoffs slowed last week, the fact that the number of people seeking first-time jobless benefits remains about the same as in January. Add to the equation that the unemployment rate has been stuck near double digits all year long while consumer and businesses alike continue to remain cautious about spending and one can surmise that the truth is a foundational warning of the coming days.

Let us go back for a moment to Economics 101: In order for an economy to recover from a recession, which is nothing more than a mere correction of the Free Enterprise / Capitalistic Market when clear thinking Americans finally catch up with liberal Government and Union greed that ultimately fueled the excessive taxes and reckless spending, there must be a realistic opportunity for businesses to grow and expand. That opportunity can only be brought out by cutting taxes and encouraging growth in the private sector so that job creation may take place and consumer confidence can return.

Given the above scenario, one only needs to look at the revelation of truth that there remains stubbornly high levels of unemployment requests for jobless aid as the indicator that hiring remains weak. As hiring remains weak, economic recovery is nearly unattainable, period. Looking shortly beyond the liberal spin, one can only conclude that the economy in fact is falling far short of a recovery.

Being as President Bush’s tax cuts expire on December 31, 2010, main stream and Corporate America alike will all face substantial tax increases. This of course will cripple the already fractured and bankrupt U.S. Economy. Not to worry though, as the Economic Flavored Kool-Aid is continued to be poured out, the partakers of fate will no doubt declare that Emperor Obama has a new Economic Wardrobe. Of course those of us lacking common sense and overflowing with incompetence will be unable however to see them.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Taxable Deductions That Merely Exist

The liberals and the ACLU are certain to be in a conflict with their common sense based on a proposed example of clear thinking by Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican. It is a rather impressionable revelation of intelligence Sen. Hatch has had, which I might add is something that has been devoid within the Senate establishment these days.

It seems Mr. Hatch proposed last week that people endeavoring to collect unemployment benefits and/or those seeking to benefit financially by the rest of us hard working taxpayers via Welfare, be required to exert the ability to sustain a clean drug test before they can receive benefits, something I believe would be in every taxpayers best interest.

It is a fact that far too many Americans have succumbed to the dangerous and comfortable lifestyle of dependency that the cocktail of drugs and federal entitlements have fostered. Recent studies indicate that 70% - 90% of all child welfare expenses are a direct result of adult parental drug addiction, how comforting.

Sen. Hatch suggests such a system would save money and reduce the deficit, presumably by virtue of withholding benefits from those who fail drug tests. Although many clear thinking Americans agree with Sen. Hatch’s proposal, but for very different, moral and logical reasons.

If one were to search our U.S. Constitution, it would be very apparent, even to the most far reaching liberal that nowhere is it mandated that financial assistance is a "Right". In fact only the Godless left wing liberals have turned the noble design of welfare from being a hand up to a handout lifestyle. With that being said, one has no other choice but to ascend to the fundamental truth that financial assistance to the “impoverished” is a privilege that is afforded by each and every hard working American Taxpayer that is ready willing and able to take personal accountability for not only themselves and their family, but for those that their hard earned tax dollars support.

As such, it goes without saying that someone who is a receiver of these benefits should in no way be allowed to participate in the illegal act of substance abuse, period.

Although the liberal spin accuses "We the nasty clear thinking populace" of seeking only to hurt the children, the stark reality is a home fostered with tolerated drug abuse is a greater evil inflicting harm than any conservative value of common sense could ever be.

Unless and until the general populace confronts the enabling evil combination of poverty, entitlements and drug addiction for what it really is; a lifestyle of entrapment by criminal design, We the People can expect nothing less than taxable deductions that merely exist.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mentally Deficient Non Law Abiding Citizens

It is the solemn duty and fundamental purpose of government to protect its people by providing the maintenance of basic security and public order, unless of course you err on the side of ill judgment and cast your support in the direction of illegal law breakers.

Arizona Senate Bill 1070, is the nation’s toughest bill on illegal immigration that aims to identify, prosecute and deport illegal immigrants. The law is also the broadest and strictest immigration measure in generations, making the failure to carry immigration documents a crime and gives the police broad power to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally.

The law was in response to rampant crime by illegal people illegally immigrating to the United States from Mexico. Said crimes are ongoing and include drug trafficking, rape, murder, car jacking and whatever else it is illegal people seem to want to do.

Of course even before Gov. Brewer signed the Bill, Resident Barrack Obama criticized it in a feeble attempt to collect political capital in the defense of common criminals. In fact, Mexico’s Foreign Ministry responded in a statement that Mexico was worried about the rights of its citizens and relations with Arizona. How good is it to know a country such as Mexico is so concerned about the safety and welfare of it’s criminals.

It is now announced by Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer that a fund raising campaign is being utilized in order to create a private legal defense fund to represent the state in legal challenges to its new immigration law. This naturally is in response to the obvious slew of lawsuits that will inevitably follow, as is always the case when those engrossed by misjudgment and moral contradiction choose to stand up and be counted.

Gov. Brewer launched a new website, which links to a state-hosted domain where supporters of the controversial law can donate to its legal fund.

What strikes me as incredibly appalling is not how Arizona is facing these numerous lawsuits over the law from both inside and outside the state, with such challengers to the law to include the Department of Justice, but rather at what lengths people will go to defend common criminals.

In countries such as Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, if one is found to have entered the country illegally they are detained, imprisoned and in rare cases executed. In the United States of course, the liberal bleeding hearts choose to defend the common criminal and criminalize those that defend the law. As far as one can tell, these actions are from mentally deficient non law abiding citizens.

A Furthered Permissable Act of Corruption

We have here again, a great misfortune for each and every one of us that hold a bank account or credit card. In it's never ending attempt at socialism, Congress is seeking to overhaul the financial rules in the name of nobleness that truly isn't.

While there is no doubt that the financial industry has it's own misgiving's in it's legal robbery of We the People, I hardly find the ties of some politicians writing the law less than most uncomfortable for any clear thinking American.

A slight glimpse into the never ending grab of freedom and liberties reveals that the legislation is the most ambitious rewrite of financial regulations since the Great De­pression. Of course our ill fated bureaucratic pin head leaders allegedly aim to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial cri­sis that propelled the economy into a deep recession.

One would think Lawmakers would have realized that it was their greed and ignorance is what brought the economy to it's knees by proportionate amounts, but given their repeat of failures past, it is highly doubtful.

It is precarious to me how people like Sen. Chris Dodd, whose wife, Jackie Clegg, serves on the board of CME Group Inc. has the audacity to end his tenure of corruptible leadership in such a fashion. But there and again we are talking about Chris Dodd, a "Teflon Political Don" so to speak in his own mind.

You see CME Group is a little known company to We the People, but has managed to spend at least $2.9 million since January 2009 lob­bying
on federal is­sues that include the financial regulation overhaul.

Interestingly enough, CME Group, formed when the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade and the New York Mer­cantile
Exchange merged. It's obvious and apparent morph at greed is excessive and rightfully so. CME is the world’s largest futures and op­tions exchange and as such, it has a huge stake in the overhaul.

Exchanges charge a fee for processing trades, and under the legislation, derivatives traders would have to execute over-the-counter swaps through the exchanges. CME has opposed that requirement, putting it at odds with the Sen­ate bill.

Clegg received $153,219 in compensation from CME Group last year, divided be­tween cash payments and stock awards, CME filings with the Securities and Exchange Com­mission show. Clegg’s CME
stock was worth $252,642 as of the end of 2009, the latest date covered by Dodd’s new personal financial report dis­closed Wednesday. Since then, she’s ac­quired more CME stock.

We the people need not fear though as we have been reassured that Clegg “has never been lobbyist and has gone above and beyond to en­sure that her work remains ab­solutely independent of Senator Dodd’s work, including person­ally hiring an ethics attorney to review her work,” Dodd spokesman Bryan DeAngelis said in a written statement. How comforting. One can be sure that the Dodd's never speak of business in their natural course of marital bliss.

Although this is not the first time Dodd has had a personal - financial connection to an industry he’s taken a lead role in regulating, it is a greater slap in the face of those that he represents. Accordingly however we can be assured of this. The pattern of greed by the liberal democratic majority is far reaching in respect to the financial liberties We the People face.

Whether or not the permissible act of corruption remains is dependent on whether or not honest, hard working people of ethics are elected to replace the corrupt incumbents. Given the party establishments slate however, this hope of true leadership is of course is non existent.
As such, the status quo of a further permissible act of corruption remains.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Half Baked Economics

If there is any doubt as to the disconnection of the electorate from the stark reality of a grossly super sized government and the unintended consequences of trying to be all things to all people, one only needs to look at several Connecticut commu­nities that have been voting in favor of substantial property ­tax increases for the upcoming 2010-11 budget season.

It is inexplicable to any clear thinking American how the electorate could be so misinformed and simultaneously unwilling to buck the party establishment. The fact of course that clear thinking Americans are far and few between, is by no account a surprise to those of us that truly know.

Meanwhile, the failed elected leaders have placated the never ending misguided falsehood that reducing any proposed increase in government spending would have such far reaching unintended consequences, that if the sky did not fall it would be by some miracle of Barrack Hussein Obama himself.

The majority of the tax and spend politicians, along with their union partners have brought mystical illusion to a new level by publicly demonstrating the illogical argument that failure to support their budgets would leave local com­munities with a devastated police and fire department and a grossly understaffed school system. As if the bureaucratic red tapers need any further assistance in the expansion of their red tape dispersion in the name of public nobleness.

Here in Waterbury, the not so intelligent Board of Alderman flaunted a mere 30 something dollar per month increase to the average homeowner to support the never ending increase in bureaucrats and whatever may be the increased direction that bureaucrats take. The mayor himself has decided to depart his wealthy self from the embarrassed and pathetic condition he has allowed this city to take, forgetting at all costs the elderly or unemployed taxpayer on a fixed income that will now have to choose between dinner and a date with the taxman.

I myself attribute this lack of common sense to be proportioned equally by two accounts.

The first being that people are so naive and blatantly careless with their trust that they foolishly believe the resounding off election year falsehood that these budgets are so bear boned that the term "last best chance" seems somewhat non existent. In doing so, people unknowing become so deceived by the excessively sentimental mental cases of tax and spend politicians, that they fail to realize that their complaints of big and over reaching government is virtually unheard when they fail, neglect and other wise refuse to just say no to the never ending increases.

The second sin of reality is far greater than the first, whereas community minded people mutate from activist to those challenged in common sense who unintentionally support the very cause they first stood up against however boldly it contradicts the founding belief of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In the mean time, people may talk until they are blue in the face about tea parties, tax revolts and replacing the failed incumbents that just don't get it, but the simple fact remains if people can’t or won’t control the excessive growth of taxes and government spending in their own small cities and towns, how can one possibly have the reasonable expectation to get spending under control in Hart­ford or Washington?

Unless and until conservative principals are not only embraced but mutate from the exception to the rule Connecticut cities and towns share the same fate each and every municipality, state and ultimately that of the country share: The extraordinary circumstance of becoming a super power who's greatest strength is it's inability to support itself, which of course is half baked economics.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Matter of Incidental Importance

I myself must attest, I am quite surprised at the general populace. As the economy continues to spiral downward, my fellow taxpayers seem to have excelled and redefined the term for having a narrow mind.

As the days evolve, it seems we are not only enveloped by corruption, greed and a horrific display of arrogance; but an equally disturbing inability to relate the huge deficit of common sense by the body of enfranchised citizens in the name of "feel good for me lately concerns".

At stake is the very sanctity of freedom, liberty and well being of the United States and each of us who participate in the cohabitation within it glorious borders.

Usurped by a form of arrogance equated only to that of the most deviant, self indulgent and grossly devoid of righteousness form of people, the stark social and economic realities of today have not been expounded upon in a manner where the average clear thinking American is able or willing to accept what is taking place and in the most extreme cases, about to happen.

At issue is the very core of hard working Americans, each desiring to work, pay their taxes, retain their home and car while taking the path of righteousness and truth so that the next generation of our children can enjoy a greater celebration of a Nation of Godly Principals than we ourselves have.

Just prior to the Great Depression of the 1930's, the Democratic Party was in control. Utilizing wrong actions that were attributable to their bad judgments, the democrats spiraled the country down to a period of time that required the greatest effort of every American to pull together and shore up the vulnerability of the country.

The combination of ignorance and inattention of today by our failed elected leaders certainly threatens to lead us down the same path of certain failure, but for different reasons.

Today, our elected leaders have confiscated a never ending attempt at continual career devotion to their corruptible office by offering a source of life we simply can not afford. Utilizing the mentality of entitlements, they have successfully brought over 40% of people into the bondage of government provided benefits in exchange for extraordinary confidence in re-election. The unintended consequences of the grossly expanded welfare program is a government engineered social and economic class that is devoid of self esteem, confidence or education. At greater odds with the people that receive these benefits are the ones that lead them. Forever failing to advocate a position of a greater state of living, they are un-knowingly enabling the people they seek to protect to remain in the position of ill achievement.

It is a fundamental fact that you can not create a social or economic class of people by offering them something for nothing. The independent truth that a persons sense of self worth is only fully manifested by their own self achievements is ever apparent in each and every Public Housing Project across the lower 48.

With over 40% of American people failing to contribute to society, we now have in place a government that displays the following demonstration:
  1. Far reaching with it's tax system and governmental structure
  2. Deficit spending not because they have under taxed, but rather over spent
  3. Seeking solutions to each and every problem by throwing money at it
  4. Creating a social and economic class of people with entitlements
The continuance of such error will certainly cripple the United States of America as our nation continues to spiral downward and become vulnerable. The greater weakness we now have compared to The Great Depression, is as our elected leaders continue to break the back of this nation our enemies continue to prosper. Something our elected leaders view as a matter of incidental importance.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Connecticuts Unhealthy Addiction

Connecticut is an excessively taxed State. Not only is it excessively taxed, but it also has the most inordinate budget per capita in the entire country. Prior to the greatest recession since 1938; Connecticut was the wealthiest state in the country. Today, while sporting a 9.3% unemployment rate, that prestigious award is pretty much academic at this point.

Connecticut has a spending problem which is nothing new. Since the 1980's the State House and Senate has had a fixation with carrying bonded debt in the billions. To hear the democrats explain such a high amount of bond debt, one would have to be a fool to proclaim it unjust. According to those aggressively clouded by ill judgment, the vast amount of bonded debt is justified because the bulk of the it covers education. That seems a fair enough argument to the average Joe, after all good education means great kids. Of course that's not a reasonable conclusion if Joe were a clear thinking American that has laid off the Kool-Aid for some time.

I myself think education in America is a noble and valid proclamation for the future of our country, but care must always be exercised when a liberal democrat is in charge. You see at some point, the liberal super majority with the blessings of the failed republican party have acquired a truly bad habit in the name of education. Some of this senselessness includes paying an average of 20%-80% of school rebuilding projects. In New Haven alone, Connecticut in 2005; contributed over $800 million in school renovations. If a town or city in the State is lucky enough to advocate for a new brain child clinic called a Magnet School, they can get the State to pay for nearly all of the funding. Compound the illogical binding arbitration and last best offer into the mix with a little spice of unfunded mandates and see how lucky the average taxpayer is to foot the liberal doctrine.

The problem with these theories is as always the unintended consequences. It is fairly obvious, that while new schools are nice and Magnet Schools are the new craze, the simple rule of quality education and committed staff is where the intersection of common sense and discretionary spending meet their respective detours.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Connecticut spends $9.3 billion per year on education, or 1.18% less than the National average which is $11 billion. The problem is that Connecticut only has 53% of the students compared to the National Average. Given the expenditure spread, one would expect the National Assessment of where Connecticut children progressed in terms of education Nationally to be largely advanced. The problem is that just is not the case. Again, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, although Connecticut spends over $16,000 per child compared to the National Average of $11,000 the proof is not in the pudding. You see by spending nearly 30% more of the National Average per student the liberals proclaim "the ends justify the means". The numbers of course directly contradict that liberal philosophy.

You see the liberal agenda is simple. Throw enough money at the problem and it will fix itself. The failure behind that theory is that the solution to all problems in life is rarely attainable by payoff.

In order to adequately assess a competent solution to the education problems in Connecticut, which has largely led to budgetary problems not only on the State but local level as well, one must first conclude that the dispute is not resolved by constructing state of the art facilities, but rather state of the art Education Plans that do not line the pockets of the educators through binding arbitration and other Union perks, but rather reduces that focus of funding from them and turns it back on who it is truly intended for, the children.

Any other form is just another of Connecticut's Unhealthy Addictions.

Those That Are Greater Than I

"Greater love has no other than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends"- John 15:13

Today, we celebrate the memory of the chosen ones. Those who chose, with the utmost valor, dignity, respect, honor and love to pursue, defend, protect and advance freedom here at home and abroad. These brave chosen ones were selfless and beholding to their God, their given principals which were instilled in their brave spirits who despite the incredible odds and circumstances would someday intersect the circumstances of right with the enemies of freedom.

The numbered many over the quantified years fought to advance a better life for each and everyone of us. The lives in total could never nearly be ascertained as the bridge from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror is to great in length for any one person to contemplate in its entirety.

If there is any doubt in a persons heart as to the depth of sacrifice made by each and every participant that has earned the right of this day, or the inability to recognize that sacrifice, one only needs to imagine if they could that last moment in time that every fallen hero felt. Whether it was the inconceivable pain from a wound, the fear of death, the sadness of final separation from loved ones never to be seen again or a quiet sense of duty completed, not one us will ever know. It is unimaginable to judge exactly what those last few seconds of life held for each and every patriot. To the contrary, every surviving person lucky enough to ponder this great question could never nearly ascertain or connect to those feelings.

What is known is this. Each man and woman, husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, that sacrificed their own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness so we the people can pursue and exercise ours. They all, each and every one deserve the utmost honor and respect of of our American hearts, whether democrat or republican, conservative or liberal, adult or child.

For without their dedication, selflessness, and sacrifice each one of us would be denied the fundamental rights we have today, forever unable to understand completely the gift of democracy that each had willingly furthered. There is a fundamental fact each of us must behold: the unknown could never fully be known if it did not have the opportunity to be first revealed.

Today, join me in remembering those that are are greater than I. For they made known that which was not: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all Americans of yesterday, today and tomorrow. May they always be held closer to the wing of God than any other, for their sacrifice deserves no less.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Merely Things That Stay the Same

Over the last ten days or so, we have witnessed a certain travesty of honor with the grossly false but still the same callously calculated misrepresentation of facts about Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's Vietnam Record, by who else; himself.

Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Blumenthal was discovered to have purposely misrepresent his service in Vietnam in a manner that was so blatantly false, it was not only a slap in the face to every veteran that served in Vietnam, but it tarnished Connecticut's Teflon Don. Dicky boy had a reputation for true advocacy that wasn't as the Attorney General of Connecticut, always representing in an every so over zealous way, the good people of Connecticut, against the ever corrupt corporate America and not so corporate small mom and pop operations.

What is of a greater disturbance to any clear thinking American, not just a resident of Connecticut; is a recent Quinnipiac Univeristy Poll wherein Tricky Dicky Blumenthal clearly polls at 61% for his, and you should be sitting down: "trust and integrity."

One can't help but wonder how arrogant and manipulative the double standard and poor excuse of frail and ill constructed "trust and integrity" this incompetent career politician truly has. The pure fact that Mr. Blumenthal, who having made a career out of crucifying people who misrepresented the facts, albeit genuine or a simple mistake, had the audacity to apply the moral code of truth more strictly to those he persecuted for 20 years than to himself on behalf of those he represented as Connecticut's Top Attorney should be beyond rationalization even if one was a largely misguided liberal.

It is common knowledge Blumenthal coveted after Chris Dodd's Senate seat. His hastily arranged news conference to declare his candidacy within a mere morph of moments in the global universe after Dodd announced his much sought after retirement from corrupt DC Politics spoke loudest to we the clear discerner's of fact. Now for him to remain in the race after clearly having a grotesque amount of political and moral egg on one's face would give factual content for the constituents of Connecticut if they were in fact writing the final chapter in Mr. Sue em' all Blumenthal's Political Book, which in essence they coincidentally are.

Lucky and in love with the people if Connecticut, Mr. Blumenthal need not worry. As of lately, his constituents are clearly poor authors of fate as they are willing to support his bid for U.S. Senate at all costs. This action not only speaks of his untouchable code of not so ethical representation, fueled by an extremely and highly supportive liberally biased media in the State, but in a larger part the immoral and dysfunctional state of political mindset here in the Constitution State. This of course is a mindset fostered by the Party Establishment on both sides from their inept platform of sorry leadership.

For a man who proclaims his philosophy has always been he "will do what best serves the people of this state..." his inability to function on a level less than that of political advancement of himself only reveals a direct contradiction to that own self imposed pipe dream philosophy, orchestrated purely for the manipulation of his constituents.

In retrospect though, perhaps I am being to harsh on Mr. Blumenthal. My expectations of him falling in line to such a philosophy by just dropping out of the race was probably just an over zealous interpretation of something that was nothing more than another set of misspoken words, which of course are merely things that stay the same.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inner Workings

There has been of lately, many different and distinct comments and accusations hurled at clear thinking people like myself. A distinct breed that we are, we have waited in the wings patiently trying to understand the process and ever willing to join our brothers and sisters and improve our cities, States, Country and yes if given an opportunity; even the world.

Our progression towards today has been cultivated by years of watching as things have regressed and worsened in all matters of life, death and taxes. Little by little, our freedom has been eroded, our liberties removed and our financial abilities confiscated for the greater benefit of those who have not.

I like so many others have watched as the trust of many has been usurped by righteously bankrupt individuals that are morally depraved and corrupt, with the distinct ability to bring instability to a greater level.

As the days go by, we instinctively understand that something is wrong. The depth of this great cavity of injustice grows substantially larger each and everyday and our understanding is equaled only by our realization that now is the time.

If left un-noticed and to it's own accord, those that are driving this great movement of sure and utter insanity will bankrupt our future and the future of our children and their children for years, decades and centuries to come.

It is all rather simple, albeit as it may be, the grievances grow each and every day. Our leadership is intellectually and fundamentally flawed. They have taxed us beyond the definition of reasonable, deficit spent us into consequential economic failure, inadequately attempt to solve each and every problem we face with tax funded money, utilize the good and noble design of welfare to buy constituent support and design a segment of social-economic class that does not exist; while ever denying inadequately funded and non politically connected people the opportunity to be heard and elected into public office.

For those of you that believe I and my partners in hope to be angry people, johnny come lately political wanna be's, people seeking to destroy the democrat and republican parties, or political hacks; I regret to inform you that you are wrong. We are not seeking to destroy America, that has been a rather successful orchestration of your inabilities for far to wrong.

What is a far greater and more completely accurate description of what we stand for is this: Life as it stands in the United States of America, it's States, Cities and Towns is fundamentally and logically inept. It is far harder than it has to be, and you have mutated us into a progression of third world status. The greater pain of taxes, deficit spending, gross mishandling of problems, bribery by welfare and entitlements, social/economic engineering and corrupt mechanisms of political control does not sit well with us.

We are not angry, we are Conservatives and this just isn't working for us anymore.