Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Allowing Evil to Succeed

On Tuesday, the District of Columbia joined the ranks of depravity, pushing the United States one step closer to judgment. A law that now recognizes gay marriage from other states has now come to pass it the home of our government.

It seems the proposed law was approved 12-1 by D.C. Council in May; the only dissenting council member was reportedly Marion Barry.

Our not so wonderful elected leaders in Congress had 30 days to approve the law. It seems they have final say over all D.C. city laws. The democratic controlled Congress took no action [no surprise there] and they allowed the bill to become law Tuesday, directly in line with their gay agenda. In doing so they quietly scored a political goal. You see by doing nothing, they have done everything.

Speaking of the gay agenda, they were all over this disgraceful act of whoredom and Council member David Catania proves my point. He was quoted recently as saying that recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere is a first step toward performing homosexual weddings in the city.

There are currently six states which have outright slapped God in the face by allowing homosexual marriage: Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. Interestingly enough all seem to be struggling the hardest economically. What a coweekidink.

I myself am sincerely disappointed with my elected leaders and hope that clear thinking Americans will join me in bringing our Judea Christian country back to our core values.

The first step requires self sacrifice by running for political office in order to make a real change.

Little by little, I am watching the rights and values of this great country deteriorate in a way I have never before thought possible.

If we good do nothing, evil will certainly succeed. This is no longer a fight for what is right, it has now become a fight for the salvation of our children and children's children.

Our elected leaders have the greatest moral deficit in history, far beyond that of Sodom and Gomorrah.

To stand by and do nothing is to be an accomplice to the enemy of man.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Return of Favors

Well they are all weighing in now. All the economists have had a chance to view the June jobs report and guess what friends? The “stimulus” package is not very…shall we say stimulating!

Now I can afford to be this critical and consider myself a safe bet with my facts. You see the quick fix results promised by Obama and his cohorts isn’t producing, no surprise there.

In June, the big bad corporate [and mom and pop] employers cut 467,000 jobs and unemployment has risen to a 26 year high of nearly 10 percent. All the money men economists had expected much less job loss but given the facts of life, it seems Mr. Obama failed miserably to create new jobs for the American people as he had promised.

Now what is most interesting about this whole idiotic waste of my future hard earned dollars is the catchy phrase 'shovel-ready construction projects'. I was supposed to feel warm and fuzzy about this catchy sales pitch. The reality then [as is now] is profoundly simple. Shovel ready projects are not so ready and the construction industry has continued to shed jobs. Most tradesman such as architects and builders have lost their job and their faith in 2009 alone because there's not enough construction planning coming forward. The short answer: The stimulus bill was a lot of money that was poorly spent, poorly targeted, and is not having the effect that was promised to us…. How democratic! Back in February, the director of President Obama's National Economic Council, Larry Summers, promised the effects of the stimulus would "begin almost immediately." In addition, White House Budget Director Peter Orszag said Americans would see stimulus benefits in "weeks to months," and Christina Romer, chair of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, predicted "we will start adding jobs, rather than losing them, at more than half a million a month. Well guess what? I have seen the effects immediately. Alto of my tenants have to move because they can’t afford to pay their rent and there is no one beating down the door to rent these units either. So why was the stimulus package such a ineffective line of bull? It is very simple. It was authored by a bunch of tax and spend liberals who only seek to re-distribute wealth to everyone accept we the people that need. Most if not all of it was pork barrel spending with the only goal of taking private sector funds and using it to fund favors at home.

Representatives like Chris Murphy, John Larson, Joe Courtney and the rest of their co-horts should all be impeached. Why? They’ve taken money from the private sector to have to pay for the stimulus package which was nothing more than returning favors.

What is most interesting is this: Most of the stimulus money will be used after a two to three year period so there is no big effect right now. As for we the people? Well we’ll just have to suck it up for now….tighten our belt and ride out the next year.

And I ask again: What exactly were you thinking people?

The Distance of Faith and God

The problem with leaders like Rick Warren these days seems to grow and grow. Somehow they are divinely brought to a new level in their life and then they suddenly lose touch with reality.

Rick is no exception. Over the weekend, Rick Warren told several thousand American Muslims at an Islamic Conference on Saturday that and I quote "the two largest faiths on the planet" have to work together to fight stereotypes and resolve global problems.

I have but two question to ask Rick? What two Faiths is he talking about? and What global planet is he on? It seems Rick has lost touch with reality and has somehow thought it better to walk hand in hand with those that want to battle the infidels [we Christian and the Jews].

First and foremost, Christianity is not a Faith it is a relationship with Jesus Christ the Son of God. Secondly, Christianity is the only way to heaven, period.

I like Rick Warren and he wrote the book “The Purpose Driven Life” several years ago and it sold over 30 million copies. It is a wonderful book that enables many Christians to walk a better Christ filled life.
But now, Pastor Warren said he believes that Muslims and Christians should be partners in working to end what he calls "the five global giants" of war, poverty, corruption, disease, and illiteracy.

I can’t help but express that I do not agree with his choice to appear at the conference and I certainly can not agree with his comments that aligned him with extremists, validating their faith and denying his own.

The problem with comments similar to Rick’s is very simple. By suggesting or validating an extreme position such as Islam, you risk the opportunity of effectively witnessing to the lost. Although there are many peaceful Muslim people, the core of Islam teaches followers of their prophet to violently kill anyone who refuses to convert to their ideology. In short they believe that Islam will dominate the world.

That to me is the farthest thing from a Faith of a God based belief.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Doubt-Lied Standard

Liberals will tell you if you don’t speak about it then it does not exist. To me that is a doubt-lied standard.

As always, there is a double standard among the mainstream liberal media and it’s liberal Universities. To no one’s surprise Duke University falls into this spectrum.

Once again, Duke University is in the spot light. You may recall, Duke University first made International Headlines when a case back in 2006 accused a group of the University’s white lacrosse players were accused of raping a black stripper.

Back then, the media was more than happy to hang these viscous white hoodlums that weren’t for a crime that never took place. Even though the accuser lacked medical records, forensic evidence and any corroborating evidence or testimony whatsoever the media witch-hunt was joined by more than 80 university officials and professors who signed a statement accusing the players of racism. Eventually, justice prevailed and the kids were found innocent. No surprise there

Well now here we go again folks. It seems Frank Lombard, an associate director of Duke University's Center for Health Policy, is now accused of ungodly homosexual acts with his adopted five-year-old African-American son. This pervert took sick to a new level and even went so far as to offer the boy for intercourse with strangers on the Internet. Now Lombard, a homosexual who lives with his lover, apparently did all this in his home and the lover claims to have known nothing about it.

Using a webcam, Lombard had his own Internet peep show for him and his pervert friends to enjoy and fuel their lustful desires.

To add insult to injury, Duke and the media have been and remain as silent as a cold and lonely January night.

I cannot help but ask where are all of those professors are now in this new rape case, which is true, genuine and most vulgar in nature because of the innocence and age of the victim. I would expect they will continue to remain silent on this issue.

Rape is one of the most violent crimes against humanity period. Having a poor and helpless five year old child fall pray to such heinous activity is one of the world’s greatest injustices second only to Universities that condone it by their silence or their mainstream media cohorts.

And that my friends is doubt-lied standard.