Monday, May 31, 2010

Connecticuts Unhealthy Addiction

Connecticut is an excessively taxed State. Not only is it excessively taxed, but it also has the most inordinate budget per capita in the entire country. Prior to the greatest recession since 1938; Connecticut was the wealthiest state in the country. Today, while sporting a 9.3% unemployment rate, that prestigious award is pretty much academic at this point.

Connecticut has a spending problem which is nothing new. Since the 1980's the State House and Senate has had a fixation with carrying bonded debt in the billions. To hear the democrats explain such a high amount of bond debt, one would have to be a fool to proclaim it unjust. According to those aggressively clouded by ill judgment, the vast amount of bonded debt is justified because the bulk of the it covers education. That seems a fair enough argument to the average Joe, after all good education means great kids. Of course that's not a reasonable conclusion if Joe were a clear thinking American that has laid off the Kool-Aid for some time.

I myself think education in America is a noble and valid proclamation for the future of our country, but care must always be exercised when a liberal democrat is in charge. You see at some point, the liberal super majority with the blessings of the failed republican party have acquired a truly bad habit in the name of education. Some of this senselessness includes paying an average of 20%-80% of school rebuilding projects. In New Haven alone, Connecticut in 2005; contributed over $800 million in school renovations. If a town or city in the State is lucky enough to advocate for a new brain child clinic called a Magnet School, they can get the State to pay for nearly all of the funding. Compound the illogical binding arbitration and last best offer into the mix with a little spice of unfunded mandates and see how lucky the average taxpayer is to foot the liberal doctrine.

The problem with these theories is as always the unintended consequences. It is fairly obvious, that while new schools are nice and Magnet Schools are the new craze, the simple rule of quality education and committed staff is where the intersection of common sense and discretionary spending meet their respective detours.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Connecticut spends $9.3 billion per year on education, or 1.18% less than the National average which is $11 billion. The problem is that Connecticut only has 53% of the students compared to the National Average. Given the expenditure spread, one would expect the National Assessment of where Connecticut children progressed in terms of education Nationally to be largely advanced. The problem is that just is not the case. Again, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, although Connecticut spends over $16,000 per child compared to the National Average of $11,000 the proof is not in the pudding. You see by spending nearly 30% more of the National Average per student the liberals proclaim "the ends justify the means". The numbers of course directly contradict that liberal philosophy.

You see the liberal agenda is simple. Throw enough money at the problem and it will fix itself. The failure behind that theory is that the solution to all problems in life is rarely attainable by payoff.

In order to adequately assess a competent solution to the education problems in Connecticut, which has largely led to budgetary problems not only on the State but local level as well, one must first conclude that the dispute is not resolved by constructing state of the art facilities, but rather state of the art Education Plans that do not line the pockets of the educators through binding arbitration and other Union perks, but rather reduces that focus of funding from them and turns it back on who it is truly intended for, the children.

Any other form is just another of Connecticut's Unhealthy Addictions.

Those That Are Greater Than I

"Greater love has no other than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends"- John 15:13

Today, we celebrate the memory of the chosen ones. Those who chose, with the utmost valor, dignity, respect, honor and love to pursue, defend, protect and advance freedom here at home and abroad. These brave chosen ones were selfless and beholding to their God, their given principals which were instilled in their brave spirits who despite the incredible odds and circumstances would someday intersect the circumstances of right with the enemies of freedom.

The numbered many over the quantified years fought to advance a better life for each and everyone of us. The lives in total could never nearly be ascertained as the bridge from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror is to great in length for any one person to contemplate in its entirety.

If there is any doubt in a persons heart as to the depth of sacrifice made by each and every participant that has earned the right of this day, or the inability to recognize that sacrifice, one only needs to imagine if they could that last moment in time that every fallen hero felt. Whether it was the inconceivable pain from a wound, the fear of death, the sadness of final separation from loved ones never to be seen again or a quiet sense of duty completed, not one us will ever know. It is unimaginable to judge exactly what those last few seconds of life held for each and every patriot. To the contrary, every surviving person lucky enough to ponder this great question could never nearly ascertain or connect to those feelings.

What is known is this. Each man and woman, husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, that sacrificed their own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness so we the people can pursue and exercise ours. They all, each and every one deserve the utmost honor and respect of of our American hearts, whether democrat or republican, conservative or liberal, adult or child.

For without their dedication, selflessness, and sacrifice each one of us would be denied the fundamental rights we have today, forever unable to understand completely the gift of democracy that each had willingly furthered. There is a fundamental fact each of us must behold: the unknown could never fully be known if it did not have the opportunity to be first revealed.

Today, join me in remembering those that are are greater than I. For they made known that which was not: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all Americans of yesterday, today and tomorrow. May they always be held closer to the wing of God than any other, for their sacrifice deserves no less.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Merely Things That Stay the Same

Over the last ten days or so, we have witnessed a certain travesty of honor with the grossly false but still the same callously calculated misrepresentation of facts about Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's Vietnam Record, by who else; himself.

Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Blumenthal was discovered to have purposely misrepresent his service in Vietnam in a manner that was so blatantly false, it was not only a slap in the face to every veteran that served in Vietnam, but it tarnished Connecticut's Teflon Don. Dicky boy had a reputation for true advocacy that wasn't as the Attorney General of Connecticut, always representing in an every so over zealous way, the good people of Connecticut, against the ever corrupt corporate America and not so corporate small mom and pop operations.

What is of a greater disturbance to any clear thinking American, not just a resident of Connecticut; is a recent Quinnipiac Univeristy Poll wherein Tricky Dicky Blumenthal clearly polls at 61% for his, and you should be sitting down: "trust and integrity."

One can't help but wonder how arrogant and manipulative the double standard and poor excuse of frail and ill constructed "trust and integrity" this incompetent career politician truly has. The pure fact that Mr. Blumenthal, who having made a career out of crucifying people who misrepresented the facts, albeit genuine or a simple mistake, had the audacity to apply the moral code of truth more strictly to those he persecuted for 20 years than to himself on behalf of those he represented as Connecticut's Top Attorney should be beyond rationalization even if one was a largely misguided liberal.

It is common knowledge Blumenthal coveted after Chris Dodd's Senate seat. His hastily arranged news conference to declare his candidacy within a mere morph of moments in the global universe after Dodd announced his much sought after retirement from corrupt DC Politics spoke loudest to we the clear discerner's of fact. Now for him to remain in the race after clearly having a grotesque amount of political and moral egg on one's face would give factual content for the constituents of Connecticut if they were in fact writing the final chapter in Mr. Sue em' all Blumenthal's Political Book, which in essence they coincidentally are.

Lucky and in love with the people if Connecticut, Mr. Blumenthal need not worry. As of lately, his constituents are clearly poor authors of fate as they are willing to support his bid for U.S. Senate at all costs. This action not only speaks of his untouchable code of not so ethical representation, fueled by an extremely and highly supportive liberally biased media in the State, but in a larger part the immoral and dysfunctional state of political mindset here in the Constitution State. This of course is a mindset fostered by the Party Establishment on both sides from their inept platform of sorry leadership.

For a man who proclaims his philosophy has always been he "will do what best serves the people of this state..." his inability to function on a level less than that of political advancement of himself only reveals a direct contradiction to that own self imposed pipe dream philosophy, orchestrated purely for the manipulation of his constituents.

In retrospect though, perhaps I am being to harsh on Mr. Blumenthal. My expectations of him falling in line to such a philosophy by just dropping out of the race was probably just an over zealous interpretation of something that was nothing more than another set of misspoken words, which of course are merely things that stay the same.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inner Workings

There has been of lately, many different and distinct comments and accusations hurled at clear thinking people like myself. A distinct breed that we are, we have waited in the wings patiently trying to understand the process and ever willing to join our brothers and sisters and improve our cities, States, Country and yes if given an opportunity; even the world.

Our progression towards today has been cultivated by years of watching as things have regressed and worsened in all matters of life, death and taxes. Little by little, our freedom has been eroded, our liberties removed and our financial abilities confiscated for the greater benefit of those who have not.

I like so many others have watched as the trust of many has been usurped by righteously bankrupt individuals that are morally depraved and corrupt, with the distinct ability to bring instability to a greater level.

As the days go by, we instinctively understand that something is wrong. The depth of this great cavity of injustice grows substantially larger each and everyday and our understanding is equaled only by our realization that now is the time.

If left un-noticed and to it's own accord, those that are driving this great movement of sure and utter insanity will bankrupt our future and the future of our children and their children for years, decades and centuries to come.

It is all rather simple, albeit as it may be, the grievances grow each and every day. Our leadership is intellectually and fundamentally flawed. They have taxed us beyond the definition of reasonable, deficit spent us into consequential economic failure, inadequately attempt to solve each and every problem we face with tax funded money, utilize the good and noble design of welfare to buy constituent support and design a segment of social-economic class that does not exist; while ever denying inadequately funded and non politically connected people the opportunity to be heard and elected into public office.

For those of you that believe I and my partners in hope to be angry people, johnny come lately political wanna be's, people seeking to destroy the democrat and republican parties, or political hacks; I regret to inform you that you are wrong. We are not seeking to destroy America, that has been a rather successful orchestration of your inabilities for far to wrong.

What is a far greater and more completely accurate description of what we stand for is this: Life as it stands in the United States of America, it's States, Cities and Towns is fundamentally and logically inept. It is far harder than it has to be, and you have mutated us into a progression of third world status. The greater pain of taxes, deficit spending, gross mishandling of problems, bribery by welfare and entitlements, social/economic engineering and corrupt mechanisms of political control does not sit well with us.

We are not angry, we are Conservatives and this just isn't working for us anymore.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't Ask - Don't Tell

There is a simple and fundamental practice within the Connecticut Republican Party. If properly followed, you will be rewarded with the not so distinguished label of affiliation with the Party Establishment members. This prestigious award of inadequate nobleness allows one to help our party lose elections, nominate candidates that have absolutely no connection with main stream America, cause competent candidates to run from elected office, betray the confidence given to one by their constituent party members, opposition of the fundamental primary process and yes allowance of ones opponent to achieve a super liberal majority.

This practice has been enabled for years adequately allowing the all but decimated Connecticut Republican Party to merely exist. What once stood to be the Grand ol' Party, the American Party, the Conservative Party and the Party of Abraham Lincoln has now become the party of no. No platform, no vision, and no moral connection to their true basis of existence.

For years the conservative platform of the GOP has been eroded with the the contradiction of common sense philosophy of compassion needing to be integrated into the party in the name of progression. There is a faction who hold the fictional belief that main stream America can not accept the conservative principals of years gone by and that change is not only needed but required. The problem with that theory is the slow fade and abandonment of the core conservative values which were the founding principals of the Republican Party into the liberal ideology of the democrats, something Connecticut Republican Leadership has embraced.

In addition to that absurdity is the illogical truth that these enemies of liberty have now established a party that is in direct contradiction to the very principals that drew the conservative base to form the Republican Party in the first place. If left unchecked, this cancer of stupidity that has mutated throughout the Northeast will spread throughout the National Republican Party virtually without notice.

Clearly, the original founding principles of the Republican Party was the architect of the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the fundamental truth that the only purpose of government is to protect the equal natural rights of individualized citizens, period. Something the Connecticut Republican Party knows nothing of.

Through their out of control spending, over taxation, grossly over sized government, social-economic engineering through welfare entitlements, reckless expenditures of tax dollars at each problem Connecticut faces and establishment control; the good people of Connecticut have been placed in the hands of misfortune by an out of control - anti conservative group of misfits that have usurped the process of democracy.

By ensuring that only the wealthy and best connected people are allowed to run for elected office the true foundation of common sense that has worked so hard to build America, has been disallowed their inalienable right to govern our country.

If one truly believes in the core principal values of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, capitalism, limited government and minimal taxation;that first drew them into the Republican Party, then the only logical choice is to join the movement to regain control of democracy through direct involvement of the regaining control of the Republican Party. Those who are the establishment need to be evicted from their position of misguided authority and irrational thinking and replaced by principled leaders who represent the true principled philosophy of the party members, we the people.

The alternative is simple: agree with the above but "Don't ask - Don't tell" which of course is truly a liberally inspired philosophy.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unchangeable Status Quo

Given the events of this last week, one would suppose you just can not make events like this up. The political climate and social discontentment throughout the Country speaks loudest to those that ask.

Looking beyond the headlines into the current state of affairs we see a powerful abyss of negativity and falsehood placating itself in many of our potential elected leaders. Here in Connecticut, I watched as the soon to be former Secretary of State attempted to blatantly seek the office of Connecticut's Attorney General. Susan Biesiwiecz, former candidate for AG, manipulated her experience and expertise, clearly in violation of State Statue. She received a clearly political favor from the lower court in favor of her delusional quest; which was immediately overturned 7-0 by our State Supreme Court. What made this interesting and particularly most disturbing was the fact that the Constitutional Office she sought, she sought clearly to gain in direct contradiction to State Statue and under false pretenses, something she would be swron to uphold if successful in her bid. State Statue is clear, it requires a candidate for Attorney General to have a minimum of 10 years experience as a practicing attorney. The facts that Biesiwiecz along with the Connecticut democrats who sanctioned her candidacy moved forward in contradiction to State Statue speak resoundingly clear of the mental condition of Candidate Biesiwiecz and the Connecticut Democratic Party.

Again I watched as current Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, candidate for U.S. Senate, was found out to have lied and misrepresented his Service in Vietnam. For an Attorney General, which spent all of his career as Connecticut's AG prosecuting corporations that "misrepresented" the consumers and making Connecticut the most unfriendly business state in America, I was quite appalled and insulted to hear his sorrowful excuse of merely "I had mis-spoke".

To add insult to injury, Mr. Blumenthal asserted that he could not be held accountable for the numerous stories that the press placated to the public. The current word from the Democrats, mum. This is yet another of many examples I find most disturbing. For Mr. Blumenthal to remain a candidate for U.S. Senate, campaigning on truth and reform is laughable. The fact that the Democrats say nothing nor condemn him speaks volume. Once again and clearly spoken is the mental condition of Mr. Blumenthal and his party.

It would be an inadequate misrepresentation of facts to cast judgment solely on the Connecticut Democrats alone. Although they are guilty of the highest form of election misrepresentation, they share this prestigious delusion along with the Connecticut GOP.

Now that Ms. Biesiwicz has withdrawn from the race, we learn that Ross Garber, deep rooted Republican; has thrown his hat into the race for Attorney General. In a not so historic act, he now see's the opportunity of a political lifetime. Clearly, the Republican's were well aware that Ms. Biesiwicsz was a formidable candidate for AG and that any member of the establishment party, would have an uphill battle to obtain this office.

Martha Dean, a conservative candidate, devoid of the party establishment status has been running an aggressive campaign for this constitutional office. Once endorsed by the party establishment, one can now expect candidate Dean to be thrown aside for a more "established individual" Translated an established individual is one whom can clearly raise money for the Near Bankrupt and Failed Party but not necessarily has a good platform.

The same holds true with Tom Foley who is vying for the Republican nomination for Governor and Linda McMahon who is vying for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. Both are formidable candidates for their ability to infuse much needed money into the party. The problem is however, both are wealthy and unable to relate to the average working person they seek to represent. None of the other candidates whom have genuine ideas or solutions get a second look, period. They do not have the ability to raise capital so therefore they are not viable.

The problem with this theory as it relates tot he republicans is this. Time and time again, the Republican Party runs candidates who can bring enormous amounts of capital into their financially fractured coffers but they are nothing more than Rhinos [a republican liberal]. This causes principled supporters like myself to withhold our financial support. In turn the establishment will need to again seek candidates merely on their ability to raise funds rather than their conservative core values the next election cycle. This in turn causes the true party members to withhold support once again. So much for genuine candidates.

The democrats run candidates from the Party Establishment as well. They on the other hand do not have the economic challenges of the once Grand ol' Party. Forever beholding to the likes of Chris Dodd, Richard Blumenthal and Susan Biesiwicz; these failed party leaders continually run candidates that successfully promote their failed liberal agenda. How poetic.

Unless and until the true party faithful, which is comprised or we the people, both democratic and republican alike, bypass the party establishment, we will continually follow this quagmire of insanity, which is does the same thing over and over but expects different results.

Having viable candidates that platform off of genuine change, speak the truth and follow a clear and decisive path is the only option for each and everyone of us.

Clearly, the canyon of problems grow everyday. Certain global economic collapse is on the horizon if something does not change and change quickly. If there is any doubt one only needs to look into the not so distant history and answer the simple question: Am I better off now than I was two years ago?

If we the people do not come out this year and do what is right and regain control of our constitutional offices then we have only ourselves to thank, of course with the assistance of the unchangeable status quo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Politcal Leech Agenda

Every once in a lifetime, there comes a moment when one can no longer look to the insane and deprived ideology that causes all others to share in the sufferance instilled by the ill informed. For years, many have desired to be emboldened to change such depravity but perfectly content to complain only to eventually accept the Status Quo. My comments of course are projected towards the failings of our dear, Republican Party.

Any clear thinking person realizes by this point in their life that something has to be done because the very stake of freedom and liberty is hanging in the balance. Many have stated that you can't change things. The truth in the matter is it is not that you can not change things, it is rather that you won't change things.

I for one have come to the realization that life in the United States should not be this hard. After traveling extensively to third world countries, and becoming all to familiar with the struggles they face, I have come to the conclusion life here should not be this hard. People should not be beaten down to nothing, their money and dreams confiscated and their very peace of mind and will to survive challenged by an elitist group of individuals that neither know or understand what it is like to be an American Joe, what it feels like to be oppressed nor quite frankly cares.

Every election cycle, we are ever so inundated with candidates that "understand your challenged" or "pledge to make a change" but the reality is they rarely if ever can.

This week, one will suppose that each of the state parties, Democrats and Republicans alike, will be having their Conventions...[Yawn wake me up please]. This is a joke. A bunch of the Party Establishments will get together to select those whom they not us desire to represent them not us. The chosen ones, as I like to call them; on a good day are far greatly lacking in the ability to relate to the average person let alone understand what it is like to be in the trenches of life. Being as good days are hard to come by these days, that is not saying much.

The failures outlined by even the well vetted members of the Republican Party speak the loudest in spite of the fact that few are listening."Why is it I find no full conservative with a reasonable chance of winning...?

Obviously, the answer could not be any clearer even if it was attached to the nose on ones face. You will find no full conservative with a reasonable chance of winning because you have no full conservative with a reasonable chance of winning. You have no full conservative with a reasonable chance of winning because our Party and it's Hench people do not want or allow viable full conservative candidates with a reasonable chance of winning. The explanation is simple, they fear that they will lose the power in which they usurped from giving a clear and decisive victory to the Democrats, period.

This action is nothing less than a gross hijacking of depravity placated out in leech style politics. By virtue of their actions, the Party Establishment has cemented it's ability to retain control through second place governing. Clearly, they are able to pass their middle of the road liberal agenda by placating to the Democrats. How noble.

This of course does not work and never will. It clearly goes against every principle of our founding fathers. John Adams was adamant and correct that the first necessary step to good government was to depute the power from many to a few good wise men, something clearly lacking in today's arena of politicians.

The conclusion of the matter is rather simple. Bad company corrupts good character, and that of course is what is at issue once again this election cycle. The bad company of the Party Establishment, corrupts the best of our best and if unable removes any reasonable opportunity of winning from their campaign. In doing so they lavish in the spoils, which of course is a political leech's agenda.

Consistent Inconsistancies

If you are lucky enough to be a Connecticut taxpayer, you and I share a nearly $4,000.00 debt each along with all of our other fellow taxpayers. We are grateful to have this sum owed because of the consistent fiscal practices of our incumbent politicians that are grossly lacking economic responsibility.

There is a never ending quest to point fingers and lay blame by both the Democrats and Republicans alike, each respectively blaming their opponent for the financial demise we all currently face. If one truly desires to look at the root cause of this fiscal irresponsibility, one only needs to ascend to the following facts:
  1. There is a $3+ billion dollar deficit, not because Connecticut has under taxed it's residents, but rather because it has over spent beyond it's means.
  2. The liberal Democratic and fractured Republican Parties have persuaded the majority of Connecticut Residents that someone else is paying for the financial misgivings of these incumbents and the cost of the entitlements they give.
  3. All of the problems our State faces can not be solved by throwing tax revenue at them.
  4. State Entitlement Programs are not a means of achieving social goals or classes in our society.
The benefit of each and every Connecticut taxpayer to be able to contribute to the support and maintenance of its government with the most minimal intrusion on one's own economic status has been grossly usurped by the fiscal irresponsibility of our elected leaders.

The tax and spend liberal philosophy adopted by Gov. Rell, the Democratic Super majority and failed Connecticut Republican Party is an inadequate solution to a larger and more compound problem. While both parties continue to live in a world of pipe dreams and living outside of our means, we the people are continually burdened with an illogical sense of not so well being that has turned Connecticut near the brink of financial ruin.

In order for Connecticut to return to the great New England State it once was, the changing of the guard this year needs to replace each and every incumbent with fresh blood. Connecticut's elected leaders must learn the fundamental fact that you can not tax your way into prosperity, but through fiscal responsibility, you can however earn your way out of the stagnation of certain poverty by living within your means, something of course that is a Consistent Inconsistency in Hartford.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Einstein Debt

What started out as an enjoyable stop for a cup of coffee and some simple conversation served only to reinforce my passion to change the way We the People are represented.

It is illogical to me and without comprehension, just how great the divide between common sense and the in-adequateness of our leadership in our beautiful State. I was appalled and extremely disgruntled to learn that after only a few years of being constructed, a rather large center Outdoor Courtyard which formally sat between the sprawling U-Conn Waterbury Campus was destroyed in the name of grossly inspired stupidity.

This formal Courtyard featured mature landscape vegetation, flowering trees and shrubs, magnificent walkways and a plush grassed areas. One would only wish the prestigious vision encompassed by then Governor John G. Rowland, the Architectural Firm and Contractor could somehow find it's way into the yards of us common folk. Never the less, stupid is as stupid does. As is always the case in the State of Connecticut, under the fractured leadership of Gov. Jodi Rell and the Democratic Stupid Majority we once again witness our economic underachievers at their very best.

Thanks to our elected genuineness's in Hartford, U-Conn Waterbury's very own prestigious landscaped Courtyard is now undergoing a $1.3 million renovation in the name of progress, which we all know is of the utmost importance in these economic times. The realization of exterior basketball courts, water fountains and cobblestone patios is exactly what we need to spend $1.3 million dollars on or a mere 6% of the projected budget deficit we are facing. Far be it from me however to have the common sense approach to fiscal accountability like Ms. Governor Rell or Mr. House Speaker Donovan. After all they rationalized that the money was budgeted over five years ago for this project so therefore it should be spent.

I liken this philosophy to those that are economically indigent. The commonsense behind this decision is that similar to a family renovating their kitchen in spite of the fact they are over-drawn in their check book, near bankruptcy and as a result many of their family residents are unemployed because of the gross irresponsibility of their finances past. Their only rationalization: They have been saving for such a project for years and as a result have the money in an interest bearing savings account which of course should not be transferred into their overdrawn checking account.

In amplification to the above, what surprises me most is the lack of protest from the 1,000's of state worker's which have been forced to furlough over the last two years. All the while I just thought we were all working together to resolve the unfaithfulness of a tax and spend government. Silly me, this is yet just another case of Einstein Debt

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Misunderstanding of Common Sense

Yesterday, each and everyone of us were afforded the distinguished pleasure of watching the State of Connecticut utilize our hard earned tax dollars assist it in endeavoring into the Commercial Lending Business.

In a Press Release dated May 12, 2010, one would be pleased to note that their never so noble Governor Rell "Celebrated the passage of sweeping, bipartisan jobs legislation that offers incentives for employers, supports small business and emerging industries..."

I would ask you to forgive me for being just a little to suspicious and critical of Ms. Rell and her political cohorts, but after all this is Connecticut, an unusual unfriendly and expensive State to do business in. Now while there is no doubt in my mind the good Governor genuinely wishes to tout yet another example of democratic glorification to her partnered Party, this little piece of taxpayer heaven that wasn't is nothing more than a furthered example of leadership gone astray.

First and foremost, the State of Connecticut, during these volatile economic times has no business even entertaining the practice of lending taxpayer dollars; which are a rare commodity these days given the enormous budget deficits we are facing; to anyone, period.

Secondly, the restrictions this Bill places on the ability for Small Business to seek genuine tax relief and real life initiatives to develop true and unique economic growth in the Private Sector without the interference of Government goes against each and every principle of Capitalism, which is the only true economy in a free society.

Each and every attempt by a Government to gamble taxpayer dollars into the private sector to stimulate jobs and the economy is yet another opportunity to prove ineffective and failed leadership as the rule rather than the exception.

Given the fact that this Bill was passed 140-4 in the House and unanimously in the Senate, I would suggest that the liberal super majority that developed it hardly has the track record of successful economic practices in this State. For that reason, my doubtfulness of it's ability to true success is apparent and genuine on all levels. If there is any disagreement to this statement, I would direct ones attention to the record deficits we are currently facing.

With all things being equal, and politics aside, if the State of Connecticut via it's elected leaders truly desire to create a True and Genuine economy stimulated by jobs and growth I should suggest they categorically look to the immediate reduction of State spending, taxes placed upon we the people and the size of government.

Trusting Connecticut residents and small businesses with their own money is a good place to start. When residents have additional monies in their possession, they are enabled to become adequate consumers, that in turn will stimulate business to expand and create job growth that simultaneously creates tax revenue.

That of course is a simple but complete misunderstanding of common sense, if of course you are a tax and spend Connecticut liberal.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Peculiar Idiosyncrasy

The structural behavior of our elected leaders in Hartford is most confusing. Any economically challenged person would stand in agreement with the policies of the Democratic majority and their Republican colleagues. If the incumbents are returned to office, then I for one would attest that the majority of electorate in Connecticut would be just that; economically challenged.

To the rest of us clear thinking taxpayers, we are left with the challenge of paying the price for their misgivings. Connecticut by far, is an excessively taxed State. We currently have the highest per capita tax rate that professes us to be one of the wealthiest states that truly isn't.

Our distinguished and disgraced elected leaders continue to tax and spend while permitting a shell game of confusion to surround their fiscal deceleration into sure bankruptcy. While we the people are lucky enough to face a nearly $4 billion deficit in Connecticut alone in the coming years. We are also enabled to enjoy an insulting form of stupidity by both the Democrats and Republicans alike that would surprise even the most conscious stricken derelicts of society if in fact they would take a moment to ponder their up and coming financial fate.

At stake, is the future of our children, our hard earned dollars, and the very sense of well being that this lovely New England State once held.

Today, our future would be elected leaders must thoroughly take a position of leadership that would allow them to make the hard and difficult decisions that are not user friendly to an incumbent minded candidate. Being as incumbentness is catchy, I hardly think however the chosen few will step to the plate. For the next elected leaders to step forward and truly lead, tough decisions on the size and cost of government must surely be addressed. Unions must be fought, binding arbitration must be reformed, the welfare system needs an abrupt and exact overhaul that not only addresses the life long sentence of entitlements but also treats the cancerous state of fraud that we face, and finally the size of government must be scaled back to a necessary but realistic level.

The next set of elected leaders must take bold steps to bring this State back on track even though the unintended consequences would mean certain death to their political careers.

On the flip side the alternative would be to remain status quo which we all know to be a peculiar idiosyncrasy into fiscal insanity.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Quiet Capitulation

One might wonder, whether and to what extent foolishness prevails in modern Mainstream America today. Throughout the day, if one looks beyond the shadows of commonsense, one would find an entourage of misinformed and unconcerned societal individuals laboring under a delusional hypnosis of liberalism.

What has brought this great country to it's knees, quiet simply put is the ineffectiveness of a core belief that somehow We the People are owed more than we have earned. In amplification to this point, would be the adverse manipulation of the societal welfare system that was designed to be a hand up rather than a hand out. The creation of an abusive and enabling way of life has brought people so far into economic damnation, it would take a miracle from God to open the eyes of their common sense.

To their credit, these misinformed people have not come to these forgone conclusions on their own, but rather have allowed the attributes of economic slavery to be instilled in them through their own self identifying actions of remorse formed by the failure and weakness of their own self worth. They have emboldened themselves with the mentality of liberalism to placate their own shortcomings in which they are to blind to realize what could be corrected with a crash course in self esteem.

If one looked deeply upon the core founder's of liberalism, one would find that the founding "parents" of liberalism were nothing more than a group of depraved individuals strung out on mind altering drugs. Hardly the makings of a great and victorious change in society.

Humankind was designed by God to be a self achieving self respecting society of which Capitalism was based on. Through careful study of the genetic make-up of our own bodies, one would see that the ability of the human body to repair and heal itself as proof positive that the Almighty created both good and perfect works in each and everyone of us with the God given will to survive and achieve.

To the contrary, liberalism rears it's sorrowful head, time and time again; to destroy one's ability to be proactive and procreative. In short it contradicts each and every natural instinct of humankind. Standing for everything that contradicts the Word of God, liberalism has designated a race of ideology that stands for bigger government, greater taxes, and increased interference with a person's ability to self achieve in all aspects of a free and good society.

That of course is a quiet Capitulation to a greater evil.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inadequate Energy Cells

There has long sense been great debates among the ineffective leadership of the Connecticut Republican Party. For years, they led me and countless others to believe that Connecticut was a "Blue State" that was just to liberal to adopt the Reagan Conservative Philosophies of the Grand ol' Party. Always bowing to the democratic liberal philosophy was the rule rather than the exception; even though the Connecticut Party Identity of the Republicans greatly contradicted that of their opponents that were not.

In the name of "Party Unity" they spoke of being "middle of the road" or "Compassionate Conservatives" in order to fulfill the great prophecy of common sense that wasn't. Throughout the 2003/2004 Re-Election Campaign of then President Bush, I watched quietly while the likes of extreme liberal idiots parading under the Republican flag passed along their extreme Pro-Choice ideology while wearing their left wing entitlement hearts on their sleeve at each and every Bush Rally they could slip their greedy little liberal cans into.

Flash forward to today and you will see nothing less than a disgraced Republican Party that lacks any self esteem, vision or Party Platform. Hijacked by power hungry sickofints that self medicate on the power they give to the democrats, is a group of individuals that do not seek out qualified clear thinking candidates, but rather individuals that charade under their misguided and twisted philosophy. Something that is extremely dangerous and sad in today's political climate.

The Bible warns us in James 1:8 that a double minded person is unstable in all of their ways, and this has never held greater truth than that which is displayed with the Connecticut Republican Party. In shambles, it is unable to even maintain a simple minority. Under it's current leadership, Mr. Healey, Mr. Gallo and Gov. Rell handed the democrats a super majority, which is not only veto proof but clearly dangerous as We the People of Connecticut have now witnessed. Having a double mind, identifying as a Republican but holding liberal values; has in fact handed the democrats this super majority on a silver platter.

Facing nearly a $4 billion deficit in the coming years, we are somehow suppose to believe that these representatives somehow have our best interests at heart. Time an time again, we are told "You do not understand, we are facing a super majority and we have to compromise to get anything done." It is my never humble opinion that compromise is nothing more than movement from your core principled beliefs which in fact was supposed to be the reason one ran for office. Once again a fine example of double-mindedness.

The Republicans have a super majority to deal with because they are double minded and unstable in all of their ways. They in fact have no direction, foundation or truth. Each and everyone of you are a disgrace and if you had any resemblance of self dignity and common belief of We the People, you would be resounding symbols on each and every public and private step that would support your sorry political bodies crying out what a disgrace the democrats are and what great injustice they placated upon your constituents; which you swore to protect.

As for me, common sense has always dictated which path I should take. I for one would rather be right than accepted, laying my head on my pillow at night, fully able to enjoy a solid 8 hours sleep, while knowing I did all that I could that day to bring my fellow man into fellowship with it's common sense.

I am thoroughly convinced that the Republican Party Leadership somehow manifests pleasure and authority off of the power it has handed to the democrats. There is clearly a lack of direction and leadership that the good people of Connecticut deserve, and unless and until like minded people of common sense realize this and join me, we shall forever be forcefully paraded throughout our lives by the evils of liberalism, which leads to certain death.

It begs the question to be asked: Are the Connecticut Republicans truly unable to handle the power of Governing or are they just rejected democrats in disguise? Either way, they are inadequate energy cells which of course shall eventually burn out, one would hope.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Logic has never taken hold with Connecticut's Elected Leaders, and stupidity seems to be the norm. It is neither an issue of being democrat or republican. In fact if it was that complicated, life would be good. Never the less, stupid is as stupid does and stupidity is the leader of this great State.

Over the last 40 years, the population of Connecticut has been practically unchanged. According to the Secretary of State, in 1970 the population of Connecticut was about 3 million people. Fast forward to the year 2010 and one would see that the population is about 3.5 million people, give or take. Over a 40 year span, Connecticut has tanked in growth with only an average of .234% [or less than one third of a percentage point] ranking number 40 out of each the 50 States. Lucky us.

To no one's surprise however, the cost of State Government has quadrupled despite the inadequate ability of our taxpayers to be able to support such stupidity.

There is a raging gap between the public and private sector, one of which if remained unleashed will without any doubt Bankrupt us before to long. In short the financial chickens have finally come home to roost. With one of the greatest recessions since the great depression hitting our State, we the people have become all to familiar with the fundamental truth that government has become the problem rather than the solution.

There currently is a projected deficit for 2012 of $3.8 billion, yes I said billion dollars, which in my never too humble opinion is a quite low projection given our elected leaders grossly over estimated tax revenue calculations. The workforce of the State of Connecticut Employees however remains barely touched in reductions of its force, receiving good compensation and free from the threat of layoffs.

Clearly, the issue is not that of the State Employee's. My experience has been that nearly each and everyone has a work ethic second to none. Despite being furloughed and labeled as money mongers, these dedicated people continue to trench through the miry work place while their fat cat union leaders and fellow dead beat citizens that clearly refuse to support their own morally indigent selves continue to feed at the expense of the taxpayers and the State employees.

The private sector of Connecticut has lost over 8% of it's workforce, which represents over 100,000 private employees compared to the State workforce which has been reduced by only 4% or slightly greater than 2,262 if one truly stretches the numbers.

Real numbers, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, report that there are 56,556 State employees at a raging cost of nearly $310 million per month thrown onto the taxpayers back. Given those numbers, which were reported by the U.S. Census Bureau not me, one would use their own common sense to calculate the cost as follows: There is statistically speaking one state employee for every 62 people at a cost of $3.02 per day per Connecticut resident not Connecticut taxpayer. All the while, countless business's have folded and the American Dream has been robbed of nearly all of our residents. The continual confiscation of wealth by our elected leaders has no end in site, and stupid is as stupid does.

Clearly however, it would be illogical to cast all the blame on our elected leaders. After all they have been entrusted by we the people and continually returned into office so they can once again pick our pockets and deplete our common sense.

Unless and until State Residents realize that the true way out of a recession and the control of one's own destiny is to regain control of their government by placing fiscally competent people into office we will remain forever enslaved in the wings of a morally defunct society. This of course directly contradicts the Constitution that we pride ourselves in being the State of most influence with during it's construction.

If one truly desired to seek the transparent reality of our "Progressive State" and look to some common ground for the good of the people, clearly we would move from a "Progressive liberal State" to Regressive Tax State. By cutting our payroll, our entitlements and our unfunded mandates we the people would be the proud bearers of a State where it's taxes decrease as it's income increases, period. But as always stupid is as stupid does.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

An Era of Stuptidity Continues

If there is any doubt as to the degree of disillusionment displayed by our failed elected leaders over the most recent disappointing era of hijacking by the Democratic Super Majority, the Failed Republican Party under the leadership of George Gallo and Chris Healy, the Republican Minority, State Attorney General Tricky Dicky Blumenthal and last but certainly not least; the Rell Administration, one only has to look at today's headlines.

Front page of the Waterbury Republican American Newspaper headlines the most recent reality check these grossly misplaced representatives of We the People. Included in the Moronism that even a three year old could surpass with little or no motivation is the following:
  1. States fiscal forecast bleak. The so called balanced budget that isn't, is nothing more than a shell game. Gov. Rell and her cohorts merely took a ten year payday loan to cover a budget deficit in the billions . In essence these goof balls borrowed against grossly under calculated tax revenue, relied heavily on a new electric surcharge for C L & P Customers, continued to allow an underfunded state pension fund and raided the rainy day fund dry. Adding insult to injury is the end of the governmental giveaway of the Federal not so Stimulating Funds. What was not touted by these ego feeding- power hungry socialists is the disclosure of facts that include the unavailability of these "solutions" in 2010 and 2011, budgets deficits pushing the $4 billion mark by 2012 and 2013 and the 9 percent job slump which will consummate an even greater reduction of the States Income tax Revenue.
  2. Illegal Confiscation of Revenue: A State of Connecticut Superior Court Judge ruled this week that the State illegally confiscated over $2 million of unclaimed bottle deposits from private businesses. Prior to their 2009 budget balancing charade, the unclaimed bottle deposits were legal property of private wholesalers. In essence and in theory, these wholesalers were the agents charged with handling the 5 cent per bottle charge that encouraged Connecticut Consumers to recycle rather than reject a cleaner and greener earth. In concept, it seemed only fair that these wholesalers should keep the unclaimed bottle deposits as they were the ones that faced the exposure of destroyed or unrecoverable bottles and heavy costs Associated with the 5 cent challenge. But common sense rarely if ever rears it's bountiful head in the State of Connecticut. In the never ending deluge of sniffing out new revenue to steal the State Legislatures along with the blessing of Gov. Jodi Rell passed a law in 2009 that required the Wholesalers to turn over unclaimed deposits to the State, retroactively. This amounted to nothing more than an unconstitutional revenue grab that confiscated the unclaimed bottle deposits now at taxpayers expense. The conclusion of this matter is simple. Attorney General Blumenthal [Connecticut Democrats new Senate love child,] the Liberal State Legislature and Governor Rell grabbed $2 million illegally from the private sector at a Court Ordered repayment cost of nearly $6 million to We the People. What an expensive payday loan this was!
  3. Incompetent Accounts Receivable Management: In the Governors never ending display of fiscal irresponsibility, Legislative Auditors discovered the Governor's Budget Office undercharged the two State Casinos by $3.1 million dollars for actual costs associated with the policing the two Indian Casinos. In essence, We the People paid out of our pocket an extra $3.1 million that the two Casinos agreed to pay if only they were billed correctly. Adding insult to this injury, the non partisan Auditors comprised of both Democrats and Republicans alike recommended a better way for the Governors Office of Policy and Management to monitor how much State Police division of Special Revenue and Department of Consumer Protection spend on an ongoing basis moving forward. This of course was rejected by Gov. Rell. Far be it from her to be a responsible lame duck Governor.
It is no secret that I am no fan of our failed leaders or Governor Rell. They have displayed a depraved sense of stupidity that has only been surpassed by the sickafents in Washington DC residing in the House of Congress, Senate and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Currently, Gov Rell and her cohorts have cost We the people $4 billion in future deficits, and at least an additional $10 million in illegal confiscation and under charges. To continue with a repeat of this disappointment would only be insanity.

I for one have a suggestion for Governor Rell, the Democratic Super Majority, the Failed Republican Party under the leadership of George Gallo and Chris Healy, the Republican Minority and State Attorney General Tricky Dicky Blumenthal. You each should start brushing your brains with tooth paste as it is clearly obvious your brains are developing cavities.

One can't help but wonder if former Governor John Rowland laughs with his tongue in cheek all the while asking "Do you miss me yet?"