Monday, March 21, 2011

Continual Victims of Generational Circumstances

Throughout the last several years, one could be found arguing the point of why Connecticut has become so Blue when it comes to politics', religion and her.


As of late, many residents are disgruntled with Gov. Malloy's recent budgetary proposal, wherein he seeks to close a $3.7 billion gap with $1.5 billion in new taxes, $1 billion in State Worker Concessions and finally $780 million in budgetary cuts. There is no doubt that no stone shall be left unturned in the road of over burdened taxpayers that continue the sufferance of over taxation and ill fated representation. Gov. Malloy insists that it is shared sacrifices he offers and to a certain extent, this is arguably true. The problem being however as of always, We the People are the only ones being sacrificed.


Flash back several years ago will bring one back to former Governor's Rell and Rowland, wherein out of control State Spending, unrealistic public service retirement packages and binding arbitration for all public service employee contract negotiations have crippled the State. All the while, Connecticut has spiraled downward into a morbid abyss of a liberal revolution which now threatens to bear our State with the prestigious ability to have the highest gas tax in the nation and continued record un-employment.


At odds here however is the doubtless question of why and how did we come to this road? If the legislative bodies are so ill fated and non representative, why is it that the democratic majority continues to be re-elected time and time again along with their liberal cohorts on the Republican side? One would argue that the pointless sycophants that absorb and confiscate our wealth through their own laziness life of welfare continue to re-elect these politicians to their prestigious posts of failure. I for one would agree if it was not for the simple fact that a mere 42% of these financial parasites make up the populace and one should hardly expect them to actually vote given their desire for the life of luxury at our expense. Although it is true, a certain degree of welfare recipients do vote, I would hardly think that all 42% of them undertake this task.


After continued consideration I would argue the following point: The reason the Democratic majority continues to be re-elected is simple. The Republican Party has continually spiraled downward and off focus under the leaderships of former Chairman's Depino, Shepardson, Hamzy, Gallo, and current Chairman Chris Healy. Although many would argue that each and every Chairman has brought many positive attributes to the table, I for one hardly feel that anything less than a reasonable and realistic platform that resolves the electoral issues which are currently larger than life is unacceptable.


Moving forward, the Republican Party will need to elect a Chairman that has the vision to develop a unilateral platform that will attract real life candidates in all local, State and National Elected offices while ending the party infighting, addressing the drunken sailor spending spree and navigating this State away from its extreme liberal agenda.


Unless and until this happens we shall forever be Continual Victims of Generational Circumstances.

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