Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unrealized Genetics

In order to logically ponder the appropriateness of welfare, one must first indulge oneself into the mind of a liberal, wherein the over exaggeration of entitlements was birthed.

It is doubtless that the original philosophy of welfare was good and noble, and I for one believe in feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, it’s the transition into a life of enslavement by not only the recipient but the begrudged giver that seems to have taken the original design and morphed it’s purpose into an ominous abyss of socialism.

The generally acceptable definition of welfare is governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need with something that aids or promotes well-being. As currently written, today’s Social Services Laws have moved farther away from this foundation definition and closer to a continual form of self indulgence into a world of entrapment.

In short, the problem with today’s entitlement programs are simple: First and foremost, the majority of those that are on welfare have participated in a self induced state of necessity out their own self realized laziness while forever allowing both the recipient and the ill intentioned giver to neither actually realize anything that truly aids and promotes well being nor allows the least resemblance of a long term contribution to either the recipient or giver’s continued well being.

The stark realistic truth, is just the opposite, wherein the recipient begins to inhabit the inside a rather comfortable bubble of contentment that enslaves their own self imposed limitations of the natural inclination of survival while the contributor is forever obligated to support the inhumane learned form of dependence of the recipient.

As we continue to orchestrate and allow the very slow and painful desolation of financial freedoms of everyday clear thinking Americans, the stark fulfillment of the invariable reality conveys a resounding and generally acceptable thought process: You can not economically engineer a social class of people that fails, neglects or other wise refuse to support itself by enabling them to continue their misgivings.

In short, throughout the years; the liberal agenda has been compelled to convey the mere idea that helping those that can not help themselves is a kind and acceptable form of compassion. This however is abundantly wrong. The complete opposite is true, helping those who can not help themselves is an assessorial participation of humanitarian violations of every kind.

It is a structured form of unrealized genetics’ of which continued enslavement is assured.

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