Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Diabolical Societal Cure

If there was ever any doubt as to whether and what extent Conservatism held an actual and accountable location within society, one only needs look at the founding principals within the oldest and most unequivocal philosophy that remains the last line of defense of the greatest Superpower in the world, The United States of America; Conservatism.

Conservatism comes from the Latin Root Word conservare, or in its actual definition “to preserve”

In order however for one to fully understand what is beyond doubt the deepest foundation of all laws, Conservatism; one must first look at what Conservatism actually is.

Conservatism is the actual political and social philosophy that promotes the insurance that traditional institutions shall continue and support only the most minimal and gradual changes in society. The truest form of Conservatism seeks only to preserve things as they were, when the manner truly emphasized stability and continuity that forever opposes the societal lie disguised under the mask of modernization, which is nothing more than a digression into self induced failure.

Conservatism is best viewed, for all intents and purposes as the philosophy that fully conjoins itself with that of Holy Scripture, which is the inherent Word of God.

It is in fact the general idea of respect of nation, neighbor and self which were derived from specific instances of solidified self respect, wherein tax cuts, deregulation, a policy of Communism, a greatly strengthened military, and strongly held belief of family values, Christian morality, and limited government all work hand in hand with the well being of society as a whole. Conservatism is a standard for social, economic and foreign policy issues that draw a line in the sand against One World Government, which is of course the prelude to the Anti-Christ.

If one believes in reduced government regulation of business and banking, resistance to world government and to environmentalism, support for Israel and for American military intervention overseas, opposition to abortion and homosexuality, support for Christian education in the public schools, support for the right to bear arms, securing the U.S borders, strict enforcement of the law, and sharp reduction in taxes and spending, then one should correctly identify as a Conservative.

As the world spins unguided and out of control the only remaining foundation of truth is Conservatism, wherein a person can be accountable for himself and his family while allowing his neighbor the opportunity to do the same. As the misguided turn their backs on the only remaining glue that holds the American fabric together, the cure of a diabolical society is continually prescribed as Conservatism.

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